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Saturday, 01 February 2014 08:00

Responsive Web Design


As new technologies are being developed, new trends come along to meet the demands. In the website design industry, we try to adapt with the new trends to make every design fit in the devices and technologies being used today by the consumers.

Today, websites need to be appealing not only in desktops but also in tablets and mobile phones. Rather than designing multiple sites for different devices, front-end web designers use Responsive Website Design (RWD). This technology uses Media Queries allowing content to adapt to different screen resolutions. To demonstrate this technology, try resizing the browser of this website. The contents and images fluidly adjust along with the smaller display.

Responsive web design is recommended by Google, it allows one website to provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes.

Wednesday, 04 December 2013 16:00

Who’s Movember Moustache is the best?

Movember is finally finished! The 30 day of itchy moustache days has officially ended.

United Kingdom with the most number of participants landed second spot with a total amount raised of GBP £13,802,423. The top five countries are Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Ireland.

HTL now a Citrix Solution Advisor

HTL are pleased to announce that we are now an official Citrix Solution Advisor. HTL Support, known to deliver one of the bests IT Support Solutions in London, was recently recognized by Citrix to become a partner in bringing innovative business solutions today.

As a Citrix Solution Partner, HTL will continue to serve small and medium businesses to strengthen their goals and build revenues by opening them to a wider range of marketing, sales and technology tools. HTL will continue to work hand in hand with the customers to plan, design and implement solutions that will work best for their organisation.

Wednesday, 06 November 2013 16:00

Gentlemen of HTL Participate in Movember 2013

It’s the month of Moustache!

November first marks the beginning of Movember (Moustache + November = Movember) –A month-long yearly campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer. During Movember, participants are challenged to grow their MOs for the whole month of November. 

HTL joins Movember

Monday, 04 November 2013 16:00

Infographics as web content

Infographics or Information Graphics as defined by Wikipedia are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Infographics is designed to simplify information by transforming data into a graphical representation making data conveyable and easier to understand.

The use of Infographics is nothing new and has been around for many years. During early age, illustrations and sketches are used as techniques of disseminating information. Cave drawings are probably the earliest known examples of Infographics. Nowadays, it is commonly used to illustrate a process, signage, maps, and plans.

PDF, Portable Document Format, is one of the most popular ways of representing documents nowadays. In the World Wide Web, PDFs are typically used as formats for electronic brochures, magazines, manuals and e-books. As website owners, there are instances that they need to display PDFs as part of their websites directly readable by viewers.

If you often find it tricky to embed PDF files on your pages, this article is especially written for you. You will be surprised how easy it is to do so.

Today, we will be using a very useful tool called ‘Enbed PDF’ by Heinelt. This nifty tool allows you to insert internal or external PDF files in your article.

Please make sure you have access in your Joomla Administrator and logged in.

Photo gallery is a beneficial feature you can add on your website. Galleries help you to promote your products, services, and portfolios. In addition to that, photos and visuals can even become an effective business tool. Having a photo gallery makes your site engaging in the process. It allows people to spend more time on your website thus increase your analytics popularity.

There are multiple ways to get your photos online. Various websites offer photo-sharing services that are fast and hassle-free. It helps you manage your album and easily embed or share your photos to your website.

With the emergence of tables and smartphones these days, the requirement and need for mobile web browsing has multiplied. Few years ago, nobody cares if your website is mobile ready. However, as tech giants give birth to new gadgets yearly, it is quite important to keep up with the trend. Why? The answer is fairly simple; almost everybody owns a smartphone!

People from the web design industry can attest how difficult it is to battle in the mobile world. Imagine yourself packing clothes for a four-month vacation in one small suitcase. Tricky isn't it? Similar to mobile browsing, it is quite difficult to please your audience. A number of things are to be considered such as the screen size of the gadget, supported scripts, speed of the device, etc.

Monday, 01 April 2013 01:10

How to Embed FLV Files to Your Website

Video streaming has been popular nowadays in the World Wide Web. Putting video on the online is a great way to show your work to others, whether you want to display it to your friends and relatives, or simply plan to offer sample clips to your prospect clients.

There are several techniques on how to do it but we have selected those that we think are the easiest for the users to follow.

This tutorial will cover on how we can embed flv files on your Joomla article using JPlayer. We recommend using this player but there are many others on the market.

The JPlayer is an easy and flexible way to add video and audio to your website. It is a flash player plugin for Joomla! based on flash player "JW Player" and handles file format like flv, mp4, mp3, xml playlist, youtube video, srt subtitles.

Saturday, 06 April 2013 11:26

The Power of Tags on Websites

Tags are keywords used to describe a piece of information published on the web. Otherwise known as metadata, tags make your life easier whether you are organizing your posts or when you're looking for a piece of information. Tags works best by filtering your posts matched by a common keyword.

Tags are better and more effective because it allows you to categorize and manage the results of a search in your website.

Here's an example.

You opened a website for your catering business and listed the services you offer. They were categorized as weddings, corporate events, parties, private functions, barbecues. A prospect client visited your website to check if you offer healthy plate options. Upon checking the pages, he realized that there was no information relating to healthy meals. Suddenly, he saw the search box and used it for his query.

Unfortunately, there was no tag for the keywords he's looking for. He closed the window and looked for other catering services.

The above example relates on how you can make us of tags. Adding a set of tags such as healthy, health, diet, healthy meals, etc., can greatly help. Tags can help you sort relevant information for easier browsing.

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