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Adam Blinch, Low Carbon Consultant, Tuckers Consultancy Ltd.

Serviced Cloud Simplified the Complex System of a Popular Professional Accountants in London


JPCA is a popular professional Accountants based in Rotherhite, London. They provide the full range of accountancy, bookkeeping and payroll services to their clients.


JPCA were fed up with the complexity of their internal systems. Being accountants they had ended up with too many different installations of different accounts and payroll systems; they were finding it hard to keep track.

I was fed up of the complexity of the internal systems we had. As an accountants we had so many different installations of different accounts and payroll systems it was hard to keep track.

Graham Gardner— Managing Director

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JPCA were looking to simplify and upgrade the systems. A Serviced Cloud solution encompassed all the different database and accounts software used by the company, and allowed them to access it from anywhere.


Serviced Cloud simplified the complex systems of this popular professional accountants. "Life is easier now, and if something goes wrong – I know who to call!" said Graham.