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The case for a holistic approach to IT security

The case for holistic approach to IT Security

An existential threat with authorities behind the curve

The National Crime Agency didn’t pull any punches in the report Cyber Crime Assessment 2016, published by its Strategic Cyber Industry Group. The Executive Summary warned of “an existential threat to one or more major UK businesses” and that “criminal cyber capability development currently outpaces the UK’s collective response to cyber crime.”

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Security now: 5 on the spot IT security checks to reduce risk to your firm

On the spot IT Security checks to reduce risk to your firm

Is IT security in your firm where it needs to be?

IT security is near the top of the agenda for every executive management team. Although IT is not something executive managers are likely to get hands-on with, and is best left to qualified practitioners, there are simple spot-checks that executive leaders can make to see if basic security is being implemented.

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How to recover from a data loss disaster in 20 minutes…

How to recover from a data loss disaster in 20 minutes

Lies, damned lies, and statistics…

For many years, the IT industry has used the threat of going out of business as a way of compelling businesses to invest in backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. Essentially, there has been more than a little scaremongering about the risk of failing to back up data properly and putting appropriate plans in place for disaster recovery.

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Christmas and New Year IT systems review checklist

Christmas and New Year IT Systems review checklist

An ideal time to catch up and set out a review

Many firms experience a pre-Christmas rush of finishing off work and projects in early and mid-December. For items in the workflow that are on-going, there is often a sense of ‘parking’ them over the Christmas - New Year transition period until the return to work in January. Many businesses are likely to have reduced workload and staffing numbers.

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IT Support maturity model: What’s the right level for your business?

IT Support maturity model: What’s the right level for your business

Mapping IT Support services to a maturity model

If we apply maturity modelling to the IT Support function, we are able to produce an effective mapping that overlays the five levels of a traditional maturity model with five different service levels of support.

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The 3 insider threats User Activity Monitoring helps prevent

The 3 insider threats user activity monitoring helps prevent

Insider threats: An unsavoury but unavoidable truth

When it comes to productivity and information security, insider threats are perhaps some of the most unsavoury considerations for a firm. Any business owner or senior executive would prefer to think they can implicitly trust the people that they pay but, unfortunately, it simply isn’t possible to ignore the risk of employee misbehaviour.

User Activity Monitoring (UAM) is a process that is enabled by productivity monitoring software, PMS. These applications are designed to track and record every action performed by a user. The software outputs a log file in plain English (rather than technobabble) and a video file that enables the firm to view each user’s onscreen actions.

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3 ways great IT support facilitates fast growth

IT Support provides effective service for businesses

Fast growth: A nice problem

Whatever the core business activity of a firm, fast growth is a nice problem to have. Although the doomsayers warn of the problems of rapid uncontrolled growth, such as resourcing gaps and over stretching with too many commitments, these are challenges that should be well within the capability of a company governed with good management practice.

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5 tell-tale signs it’s time to outsource IT support

Reasons for small and medium-sized business to outsource IT Support

If the writing isn’t quite on the wall the signs may well be there!

In many firms, IT is a tricky area. It’s complex, costly and impossible to ignore. It needs continual vigilance and good oversight to make sure it functions well. One of the biggest headaches is support.

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Why it’s time to sack your large IT Support supplier…!

The problem with big companies for consumers

The problem with big companies for consumers

We’ve all been there, particularly when dealing with personal consumer affairs. We are unhappy with the service we receive from a great big company that we deal with, like a telecoms provider, an energy supplier or an e-commerce giant. We try to get the company to rectify the situation, we may often find that we are still not satisfied that the outcome is fair.

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‘Support’ is more important than ‘IT’ in IT Support

'Support' is more important than 'IT' in IT Support

Greater emphasis on Support rather than IT skills

That’s a slightly provocative title for this blog. After all, there are two elements here. ‘IT’ refers to the technical bit, the ‘hard’ skills, while ‘Support’ speaks to the ‘soft’ skills of dealing with people, the context of any problem and managing it through to resolution.

For any given problem to be resolved within an acceptable time-frame requires the support person to be able to deliver on both counts equally well.

So why do we make the assertion that there is a greater emphasis on Support skills rather than IT skills?

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