I have found the team at HTL to be friendly and professional throughout our entire relationship. Their ability to work alongside our internal IT support team has been a great asset.

Greg Cardiff, Head of IT, Dictate IT

End User Support

IT Support isn't just about having an expert on hand to replace faulty equipment, fix your internet connection or install a new server:

It's about providing an IT resource that will support you in the delivery of every aspect of your business.

Communication is key. It's no good for our helpdesk technician to bamboozle your team member with technobabble.

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It's All about You and YOUR TEAM

Your IT Support London Personal Team

Your staff need to feel confident that their IT systems are working for them, and not the other way round!

When they find a problem they should feel comfortable in calling a helpdesk where they get a quick response from a friendly and competent technician.

All our helpdesk team have years of experience with dealing with end users using plain English and we can guarantee that calling our helpdesk will be a positive experience.

Where possible your call will be routed to your dedicated IT Guy, but if he is busy with another client, his helpdesk colleagues are standing by to assist.

Whether it's help creating a new document template in Microsoft Word or Excel, adding video clips to a presentation, tailoring an email account with signatures, filters or auto responders;or help understanding and using a new operating system, our IT helpdesk is at the other end of the phone to help your team get the job done.

The computer helpdesk team will initially try and help resolve the support query over the telephone. Secondly they can use our remote control software to take control over your staff members computer remotely.

In the vast majority of cases these two steps will resolve the end-user's support query. If not the final step is to dispatch an engineer to visit you.

At HTL we pride ourselves on customer service and support – it's at the very heart of our business. We approach everything with a ‘can do' attitude. Whatever the question, we'll find the answer, leaving your team free to get on with their day whilst we work on the solution.

Your IT Support London Personal Team