From the very first call, dealing with a friendly member from the IT support team at HTL has made solving any IT issues we have an enjoyable experience.

Catherine Dowd, Office Manager, RFC Ambrian

Domain Names, Domain Registration and DNS Management

What's in a name?

With prices starting at £10 a year **, a domain name costs very little, but your domain name is invaluable. It is your identity on the Internet. It is your website and your email. You can't put a price on it!

It takes some effort to make sure your domain name is set up and looked after properly. Let HTL take care of all these domain name dilemmas, so you don't need to worry about it.

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Domain Names and DNS Management

Domain Name Services - DNS Registration

Ensure your domain name is registered to you. Not an ISP, not your web designer, not your IT support company, not the name of the office manager that left three years ago – You! This happens more often than you think! We will check this for you, and help you change the details if required.

DNS protection

Protect your name. Consider registering other versions of your own domain name. If you already have .com and, maybe you should consider .net and .eu? We can offer you just about every name in the world … there are hundreds of possibilities … List of top level domains

Multiple Domain Management

If you have registered multiple domain names... don’t just let them lie idle, put them to work! Redirect them to your main website, or create country specific, or product specific portal websites. It’s easy!

Domains of your product names

What about names for your products, services, trademarks? Do they need names too?

Domain Renewals

Remember to renew it! If you have only paid for a year, make sure you renew next year. If you don’t – someone else will! We renew everything for you – so no need to worry!

DNS Services

A domain name will not function without a DNS service. This is the system that tells the world where your emails should go, or where your website is. It is easily overlooked, but it is vital. Without it your name doesn’t work. Make sure you have at least two fast DNS servers – we offer three as standard :-)