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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Serviced Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions offer complete peace of mind to the uncomfortable question of what arrangements are in place if your data is unavailable or you are unable to gain physical access to your offices. All data is backed up in 4 places, known as quadruplication.

Ahsay Online Backup & Veeam Disaster Recovery are our world-class solutions for ensuring reliable trouble-free backup and disaster recovery. The ability to recover an accidentally deleted file and return a single server or an entire site to operation in minutes with secure and reliable cloud solutions is an invaluable asset to London’s financial businesses.

  • Guaranteed to make data and systems quickly available again to your team
  • Minimal downtime while systems are returned to operation, often measured in minutes
  • Ensures your business is safe by enabling you to continue to fulfill your client-side obligations


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Ahsay Online Backup

Ahsay lets us provide reliable online backups with no fuss. There are no tapes (remember those?) or slow-coach online data warehousing that stores you valuable and highly confidential business data in dubious offshore locations.

We couple Ahsay award-winning Backup Software with rock-solid HP SAN equipment, to provide a highly secure, cost effective and ultra-reliable backup solution. This is hosted in our London data centres so you know data sovereignty issues are eliminated. Backed up data is governed by the UK’s laws and regulation is governed by the ICO, the DPA and any other relevant UK instruments or regulatory codes.

  • Quadruplication in two ISO 27001 certified London data centres provides exceptional levels of protection against data loss
  • Supports backup of all operating systems (inc. virtual), applications, databases and data types in common use
  • Fully automated, Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  • Incremental backup with flexible scheduling
  • 256bit Encryption
  • Centralised management console
  • 40 pence per GB, including
    • Consultation
    • Software licenses
    • Setup
    • Storage

Ahsay Online Backup
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Ahsay Online Backup

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Hosted VEEAM Solutions

Hosted VEEAM Solutions
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Serviced Cloud hosted VEAAM solutions use software from a company elevated to 'visionary' status by IT analysts Gartner. Take backup to the next level, or with Hosted Disaster Recovery, obtain the superior levels of risk mitigation financial sector companies that are unable to tolerate any loss of access to data need.

Our considerable experience and expertise enable us to provide you with solutions to implement a cloud-based disaster recovery plan. This not only helps financial services businesses save time, mitigate risks and reduce capital and recurring operational costs, but also delivers exceptionally short Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO and RTO)* that are flexible and reliable.

  • BaaS – Backup as a Service
    • Cloud to cloud replication
    • From £200 per Tb per month
    • Restore data in as little as 15 minutes
  • DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service
    • Data centre-class solution for virtual servers
    • From £300 per Tb per month
    • Restore servers in as little as 15 minutes

*RPO – The point in time before the disaster occurred from which data is recovered RTO - The length of time after recovery is initiated data and systems become available again