Response times are fast and efficient which helps us to solve any issues as soon as possible and to carry on with business as usual

Herman Santiago, Partner: Global Executive Client Relations/Practice Management, Nabas Legal

HTL's recommended solution was backed by their reliable IT support team throughout the entire migration process, which made us feel in control of the situation at all times

Paul Bonter, Company Secretary, Nafas

From the very first call, dealing with a friendly member from the IT support team at HTL has made solving any IT issues we have an enjoyable experience.

Catherine Dowd, Office Manager, RFC Ambrian

Our experience with HTL and their IT support team has been fantastic. Contacting them with any IT problems we have is so convenient and all issues are solved quickly.

Adam Blinch, Low Carbon Consultant, Tuckers Consultancy Ltd.

I have found the team at HTL to be friendly and professional throughout our entire relationship. Their ability to work alongside our internal IT support team has been a great asset.

Greg Cardiff, Head of IT, Dictate IT

Serviced Cloud helped Obelisk to achieve high end In-House IT Systems


Obelisk provide business legal support through their stand-on and stand-out lawyer services. Their team of lawyers are based all around the country and are ready to add their skills and experience to that of their clients as and when it is required.


Their clients have high expectations and that in turn means that the company has high expectations of its in house IT systems.

Members of the legal sector typically require highly reliable and professional computer systems. Practice management software often requires specific system requirements, and client data and communication must be secure. In addition Obelisk has lawyers stationed all around the country that expect to have full access to the centralised system as and when they require it.

What I liked about Serviced Cloud was the ability to be flexible. The guys listened to our requirements and came up with a solution that did what we needed.

Gary Davison— Client Delivery Manager

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Obelisk had a need for dictation software, and therefore the Serviced Cloud Citrix add on was selected to give a higher level or reliability and efficiency in hosting this software. The migration took place over the course of a weekend to minimise disruption.

Gary Davison of Obelisk set out to find a system that met all their requirements, What I liked about Serviced Cloud was the ability to be flexible. The guys listened to our requirements and came up with a solution that did what we needed.


"There were a few teething problems after the go live, but we worked through them together" said Gary "Ultimately what we have now is a system where our staff can collaborate on the same platform regardless where we are. It works."

Justin Dean – HTL Support Director adds "We are very pleased to have Obelisk as a client. Our engineers had a lot to achieve during the migration phase of this project and Gary and his team were a pleasure to work with. We look forward to a long and successful relationship."