HTL's recommended solution was backed by their reliable IT support team throughout the entire migration process, which made us feel in control of the situation at all times

Paul Bonter, Company Secretary, Nafas

Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008
End of Life is coming. Are you ready?

9th July 2019 - Ended 14th January 2020 - Ended

Countdown to EOL

It's official, the EOL countdown has started. As the dates are approaching nearer, have you asked yourself, "what’s the plan?". If you can’t think of any answer to that, you’re in the right place. HTL IT experts are here to offer you options to consider to solve the EOL dilemma.

Doing nothing and failing to act will put your business at risk.

  • You will stop receiving critical security updates, that will open security loopholes.
  • Without the right support, your business will fail to meet compliance standard and industry regulations.
  • Business disruptions and may be accountable for data breaches.

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End of life

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HTL has the background and know-how to ensure that your technology backbone always serves, but never impedes your business objectives. Whether you want to migrate to another on-premise server or migrating to a cloud-based server, HTL has the right solution for you.

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