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Friday, 04 January 2008 09:34

IT Support London

What Do You Mean "IT Support ?"

I see it as a starting point for end-user or customer interactions when performing self-help actions in order to solve a technical problem or to get an answer to a technical question. I use the term “IT” to indicate that the support  being discussed is for technical or technology issues. I could have used the word "technical" or "technology" as well. The majority of our members are a part of the IT organisation, thus referring to the support as an IT  seemed appropriate. Some of the concepts could also refer to non-IT or non-technical support as well.

Key IT Support Design Concepts

I want to focus on three design concepts that I think are important. Hopefully this will stimulate your mind and may even give some vendors food for thought on what to begin building.

1. My Personal IT support—," my personal agent on my workstation. The avatar will learn my interaction patterns and issues, configuration and connectivity history, mistakes, and maybe even attend "virtual meetings" with other avatars. I believe there will be hundreds or thousands of avatars meeting on servers and sharing the successes and challenges faced by their "real" personas. The avatars will discuss what environmental or interaction patterns preceded the real personas need to access the support .

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