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Dear Customer,


I wanted to write to you to share details surrounding our network, our response to the challenges that all carriers currently face and our plans for further actions to be taken in the coming weeks. Firstly I would like to acknowledge that our network has seen many incidents of high latency in the past 3 months; this is both unprecedented and unacceptable.

The root cause of these incidents is DDoS, (Distributed Denial of Service), attacks; specifically NTP & DNS amplification. This type of malicious attack has seen a major upsurge in frequency across the global Internet, rapidly becoming a major threat to the Internet as a whole, resulting in all Internet Service Providers significantly increasing effort and ingenuity to mitigate against this current threat.

HTL is happy to support Ethereum

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Many people have heard of Bitcoin, but for the last few months the virtual currency world has become gradually obsessed with Ethereum, the Bitcoin V2.

Imagine a smart currency that can not only act as a token of ownership, but can also determine who the current owner should be based on the outcome of a contract or any particular set of circumstances being met. Take it further and there are possibilities of joint savings accounts, financial exchange markets, or trust funds. Conceptualise further and theoretically automated corporations can trade Ether to make profit without the intervention of humans. That might all be a bit ‘Skynet’ for some, but whichever way you look at this this is very exciting technology with the ability to disrupt conventional capitalistic structures, and something that we at HTL are fervidly interested in.

Who’s Movember Moustache is the best?

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Movember is finally finished! The 30 day of itchy moustache days has officially ended.

United Kingdom with the most number of participants landed second spot with a total amount raised of GBP £13,802,423. The top five countries are Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Ireland.

Gentlemen of HTL Participate in Movember 2013

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It’s the month of Moustache!

November first marks the beginning of Movember (Moustache + November = Movember) –A month-long yearly campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer. During Movember, participants are challenged to grow their MOs for the whole month of November. 

HTL joins Movember