Response times are fast and efficient which helps us to solve any issues as soon as possible and to carry on with business as usual

Herman Santiago, Partner: Global Executive Client Relations/Practice Management, Nabas Legal

HTL's recommended solution was backed by their reliable IT support team throughout the entire migration process, which made us feel in control of the situation at all times

Paul Bonter, Company Secretary, Nafas

From the very first call, dealing with a friendly member from the IT support team at HTL has made solving any IT issues we have an enjoyable experience.

Catherine Dowd, Office Manager, RFC Ambrian

Our experience with HTL and their IT support team has been fantastic. Contacting them with any IT problems we have is so convenient and all issues are solved quickly.

Adam Blinch, Low Carbon Consultant, Tuckers Consultancy Ltd.

I have found the team at HTL to be friendly and professional throughout our entire relationship. Their ability to work alongside our internal IT support team has been a great asset.

Greg Cardiff, Head of IT, Dictate IT


The Benefits of Cloud for Legal Firms

Legal firms need reliable and secure IT services that are contractually underwritten by first-class support agreements. Desktop computers and servers need to work seamlessly alongside other software tools that support efficiency with specific functionality including e-litigation, e-discovery, case management, legal document management and legal accounting.

We work with leading legal software including Mimecast, Advanced Legal and Eclipse Legal.

For all businesses, including legal firms, time is money and good technology supports efficiency that strips out unnecessary costs and creates the capacity to do more work with the same resources. If precision, accuracy and meticulous attention to detail are the hallmarks of excellent legal practice then firms need an IT partner that reflects these attributes.

Many perceive good legal services as expensive; however, few would argue that good legal representation isn’t worth the money. Similarly, whatever branches of law a firm specialises in, legal practices need access to high quality IT solutions and services that provide security and compliance at a price that makes business sense.

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Our Cloud Solutions for Legal Businesses

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Never let your client and confidential data leave your estate with a Private Cloud Platform. Our consulting and engineering expertise develop the perfect solutions for FCA regulated companies required to keep data in their own offices, or on their own equipment in data centres.

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Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop

Eliminate on site servers and put all your business productivity and communication applications in the cloud on servers in our data centres. Simply provide laptops, PCs or tablets and leave the rest to us. Build your package, or choose one of ours. Simple monthly, per user pricing, no setup fees.

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Back Up and Disaster Recovery

Back Up and Disaster Recovery

Ahsay Online Backup & Veeam Disaster Recovery are our world-class solutions for ensuring reliable trouble-free back up and recovery. The capability to return a single server or an entire site to operation in minutes with a secure and reliable cloud solution is invaluable to London’s financial businesses.

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Voice over IP (VoIP)

Voice over IP (VoIP)

VoIP leverages the power and flexibility of the internet to provide perfect quality voice calls using the same web connection as your data systems. Whether it’s a small private phone system for 5 people such as Avaya IP Office or the need for a switchboard service for a SME business using a Hosted PBX with Cisco handsets, we have it covered with our VoIP solutions.

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Obelisk Legal Support Solutions

Legal Support Solutions

a system where our staff can collaborate on the same platform regardless ...