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HTL steps in to save Terapad’s website clients when company closes down

London Data Centre

As many already know, Sitejourney Ltd, the company behind Terapad .com, has closed its doors. Sitejourney’s management team gave the reason for closing the company that the figures were just not adding up and the company was not making enough money to make it worth while.

HTLonline Ltd is the Internet Service Provider hosting the majority of Terapad’s clustered servers and datacentre infrastructure. We have stepped in the prevent the immediate deletion of the thousands of customers using Terapad’s online service.

Our advice to all Terapad website owners is that they should make arrangements to use a new provider immediately. Please note – Terapad is a proprietary platform - to the best of our knowledge there is no way to export a site from Terapad. If you need to remove the content you will need to copy and paste.

HTLonline will continue to host Terapad’s server infrastructure; but (and it’s a big but – please read this carefully)

  1. We Cannot Guarantee Uptime – Terapad’s support team has gone, the best we can do if the system goes down is to turn everything off and on again. If it doesn’t work, we are not sure what we can do!
  2. We Cannot Offer Support – Our Support team do not have access to Terapad’s support or management systems.
  3. We Cannot provide a date when this offer expires -  We are unsure of traffic levels, and how much this might cost us. We have initially made plans to host the systems for 6 months, but as this is a venture into the unknown we may pull the plug at anytime, for any reason. Do not rely on us to keep your Terapad website operational.
  4. We Cannot provide Backups – the backup and DR system implemented by Terapad has gone, and its not coming back.
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We hope that our actions have helped just a little in saving your websites from disaster. Good luck Terapaders and when looking for a new provider please consider moving your websites to HTLonline!

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