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Importance of good IT support

IT Support is the key to efficient and effective systems

IT equipment requires a proficient company on stand by to address any problems that may develop. The lack of support will ultimately lead to a loss in business and staff unable to work.

HTL provide the following IT support:

    * Telephone Support
    * Remote Access Support
    * On-Site Support
    * Advice & Training

Fed up with inefficient support?
HTL will ensure that your IT support needs are dealth with efficiently and effectively.

IT Support ExpertOur experience has shown us that many companies are not satisfied with the level of IT support they are receiving from their current IT consultants. Generally projects are welcomed and executed quickly however once problems occur, the level of service drops dramatically.

HTL care equally as much about the support of the systems, the day to day running and also the continuing care of our clients' needs.

We do not just want the installations and upgrades, we want to make sure that your system serves its purpose well, for the long term. We look forward to supporting your systems for many years, not just 1.

Most business have major concerns when it comes to IT; "What do I do when it goes wrong?", "What am I getting for my money?"; Swift Digital Solutions Ltd concentrates on these concerns. HTL offers businesses a highly technical unit that can respond quickly to requests and resolve problems within a short space of time. Where companies have an IT department in place, we can compliment the existing staff by providing an escalation path for problems that stretch past the existing skill sets.

HTL provides comprehensive support agreements that can be tailor made to the client. They can be implemented on new or existing systems. These agreements ensure that a qualified and experienced engineer responds quickly to resolve the problem at hand.

Examples of Support Agreements include:
Telephone Support - SLA Driven, unlimited telephone support with a response time of 2, 4 or 8 hours. All efforts will be made to quickly resolve the problem.

Telephone & Remote Support - SLA Driven, unlimited telephone and remote support with a response time of 2, 4, or 8 hours. All efforts will be made to quickly resolve the problem by telephone. If this cannot be achieved, HTL engineers will remotely access the client's network via a secure connection and resolve the problem.

On Site Support Packs - SLA Driven, on site support packs can be purchased in various quantities and can be carried over to subsequent years. On site support packs are usually added to the telephone and remote support agreements and will involve an HTL engineer visiting the site in order to complete the relevant task. The response time is again either 2, 4, or 8 hours.

Full Support Agreement - SLA Driven, 2, 4 or 8 hours response. This option has been taken by a number of our clients who have a great dependency on their IT equipment and need full support. This agreement will cover unlimited telephone, remote and on site visits and gives the client piece of mind that there will be no further cost and that all areas of support are covered.

Routine Maintenance - As a Pro Active company HTL offer routine maintenance to its clients. At set intervals (monthly, quarterly etc.) HTL engineers perform health checks on the IT equipment and apply any necessary patches/software updates. This ensures the systems we support stay within the minimum support requirements of the manufacturers.