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Staying Safe on the Web - IT Support London

Internet Security

Online security is every internet user's responsibility. Every day, devices people use to access the net are beset upon by viruses and savvy hackers, exposing personal information and costing a great deal of money to repair. Those who do not properly apply even the basic security measures are seen as easy prey for those seeking to exploit vulnerable systems. When you buy an internet connected device, it is integral to change its default password to something unique – it's the easiest thing in the world for someone to guess what the default password may be, because this is entirely dependent on the manufacturer and model of the device... this information can be found on user guides posted on the manufacturer's website. These devices can be anything from printers to modems – things you may not consider targets for exploiters, but are just that, says those in IT support. London based IT workers know the importance of keeping networks and devices connected to those networks secure – though the problem is anything but contained.

Those living in the UK know how greatly technology has impacted the world around us. In this modern age, where information must move at the speed of light, we are completely dependent on technology. That is why it is so very important to keep your internet enabled devices secure – in a recent study, it was found that millions of such devices worldwide were still using the default security settings, such as default passwords and administrator names. The result is the ability for anyone to simply guess these all too common phrases, such as "admin" and "password" for administrator name and password, respectively, who can get onto your network and access these devices as if they were the administrator. This means that they can gain total control of the systems running on your network, often times without you knowing it. This is an all too often overlooked step, but changing these default settings immediately after hooking up your brand new device is a sure-fire way to keep would be hackers out of your business.

Technology experts agree that internet security is all about staying one step ahead of hackers and all those who would do harm to your machines. It is better to be proactive rather than reactive, it is said, and the easiest way to do that is by changing the security settings of your internet enabled devices frequently. Changing passwords every few months is a great countermeasure against potential security breaches, something well know to anyone working in IT support. London is a great place to live (if you can afford it), but like any city, its residents must live very near their neighbours. Often times, WiFi networks will overlap as a result. Simply walking down the street, anyone with a smart phone can instantly break into any number of improperly secured WiFi networks, just by making a few rudimentary guesses. This prevalence of attacks on improperly secured networks has made a popular and profitable career out of IT support, London being so densely populated. Once access is achieved and the damage done, it can be extremely difficult to impossible to retrieve your stolen data, so it is in your best interest to take what you have read here to heart.

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