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The Power of Tags on Websites

Tags are keywords used to describe a piece of information published on the web. Otherwise known as metadata, tags make your life easier whether you are organizing your posts or when you're looking for a piece of information. Tags works best by filtering your posts matched by a common keyword.

Tags are better and more effective because it allows you to categorize and manage the results of a search in your website.

Here's an example.

You opened a website for your catering business and listed the services you offer. They were categorized as weddings, corporate events, parties, private functions, barbecues. A prospect client visited your website to check if you offer healthy plate options. Upon checking the pages, he realized that there was no information relating to healthy meals. Suddenly, he saw the search box and used it for his query.

Unfortunately, there was no tag for the keywords he's looking for. He closed the window and looked for other catering services.

The above example relates on how you can make us of tags. Adding a set of tags such as healthy, health, diet, healthy meals, etc., can greatly help. Tags can help you sort relevant information for easier browsing.

How to add tags:

There are various ways to add tags in your website. In this tutorial we will use Joomla Platform as an example. There are two ways on how to add tags on your published articles.

First Option: Article Tags

Adding Meta information to your Joomla articles. Go to Content> Article Manager. On the right side of the page, click on the bar that says "Meta Information". The area will expand to show Meta Description and Meta Keywords Input boxes. Type in your keywords that best define your article. For multiple keywords, use commas to separate them. When you are done entering your meta informaton, click save.

Article Tags

Second Option: Blog Tags

In this example, we will be adding tags using k2Blog - a Joomla extension. Go to k2 > Add Item. Once you have finished writing your Blog Title, find the 'Tags' box underneath the Category pull-down list. Type in the tags that you want to include for your post. Keywords should be separated by commas.

Blog Tags

And then save your blog post.

Publish Tags

You can use both options or choose the best one depending on your needs and remember that it is best to make the tags relevant to your articles.