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Concierge-class IT service: Support the HTL way

Concierge class IT Support the Serviced Cloud way

What is concierge-class IT service?

Serviced Cloud offers concierge-class IT service and support. But what does that really mean?

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Leveraging the cloud for better voice communications with hosted VoIP telephony

Hosted VOIP solutions with Serviced Cloud

Voice and data convergence for higher quality communications

Voice and data convergence has been an enabler of more convenient and higher quality networked digital communications. This has simplified and increased the efficiency of network infrastructure by allowing voice and data to be carried within the same copper and fibre cables.

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4 reasons why HTL is better than large enterprise service providers

4 reasons why Serviced Cloud is better than large enterprise service providers

Leverage through smart tools and automation

In any marketplace there are players of different sizes and capability. One of the traditional theories is that the larger the organisation, the greater the capability. However, this isn’t as true as it perhaps once was.

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