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6 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Virtualisation Technology

Virtualisation Business Benefits

As one of the key underlying technologies that enable cloud computing, virtualisation is largely responsible for many of the innovations and digital transformations in businesses over the last two decades. While you can certainly leverage virtualisation through cloud computing, you can also gain substantial benefits if you choose to use virtualisation directly, i.e., in your on-premises data center. Here are 6 ways you can do that.

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Remote IT Support: What It Is and How It Can Boost Your Business

Remote IT Support

From the unprecedented surge in e-commerce to the dramatic digital transformation, the current economic environment (largely impacted by the ongoing pandemic) has made one thing clear: technology is vital to business growth. Enterprises have realised this by now and are starting to make the necessary adjustments in their operations—and your UK-based SME should too. Fortunately, for start-ups and established but smaller organisations alike, the perfect solution for technological dilemmas can be found in remote IT support.

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7 Steps to Recover from Ransomware and Protect Your Business

7 Steps to Recover from Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are incredibly prevalent – and can also be very damaging. Successful attacks occur all the time – this year alone, a major infrastructure company in the US was hit with an attack that came with a US$ 4.4m demand for ransom. Closer to home, Doncaster-based One Call Insurance found itself unable to service customer requests after a computer system blackout due to ransomware.

As a business, you need to invest in internet security to protect your systems against ransomware – but at the same time, also assume the worst-case scenario: that a successful attack can occur. Responding rapidly and effectively is critical – the better your response, the lower the cumulative cost of the ransomware attack – and the less disruption your clients or customers will experience.

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Does Your Business Need an Automation Strategy?

Does Your Business Need an Automation Strategy

Some businesses would like to think that doing things the traditional way is best. Well, this may be true for certain tasks, but in general, technology has allowed processes to be done much faster and more efficiently—and that’s with the help of business automation.

Automation strategies have proven to be very effective for many enterprises, so much so that Gartner, Inc. speculates that 69% of managers’ current workload could be fully automated by 2024. If your organisation is not yet making full use of automation tools, this post should enlighten you on how your business can benefit from an automation strategy.

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Addressing Security Issues in the Era of Remote Working

Addressing Security Issues in the Era of Remote Working

The world continues to grapple with the long term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and organisations are compelled to sustain remote working arrangements for their employees. In the haste to quickly adapt to the new and evolving work environment however, it appears that one essential concern has taken a back seat: security.

IT company Hewlett-Packard recently released Blurred Lines & Blindspots—a comprehensive global study assessing organisational cyber risk in today’s remote working era, and in it, a number of worrying, albeit unsurprising, findings were revealed. Of the over 8,000 office workers surveyed:

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Eight Top Tips to Help Your Business Stay Ahead of The Tech Curve

Eight Top Tips to Help Your Business Stay  Ahead of The Tech Curve

Technology has always moved rapidly –even more so in today’s cloud-centric world where the next major feature is an automatic update away. Needless to say, the companies that can make the most of the technology available to them are likely to enjoy a competitive advantage over their peers.

How can businesses stay ahead of the technology curve – making maximum use of the technology available to them, while ensuring that competitors never gain a competitive advantage due to their greater ability to harness the latest technology? Let’s take a look.

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IT Security for SMEs - What Do You Need to Think About?

IT Security for SMEs

Like any other form of crime, when it comes to cybercrime, there’s always the temptation to take the view that “it would never happen to us”. However given that, every single day, more than 65,000 attempts are made to hack an SME in the UK, the risk of cybercrime is real for UK businesses – no matter their size, or their position in the market.

In this article, we outline some of the key points SMEs in the UK should think about around IT security. While most businesses would take at least some precautions, it’s nonetheless worth taking a more structured approach to IT security – even if your business is not enterprise-scale.

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The Rise of Desktop-as-a-Service: What Is It and Why Would You Need It?

The Rise of Desktop-as-a-Service

The widespread adoption of cloud computing has added a lot of acronyms into our vocabulary, the most common of which are SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Indeed, the era has ushered in cloud solutions that deliver software, platform, and infrastructure to consumers and businesses on an on-demand, pay-as-you-go basis.

Now here’s an added cloud computing offering (and another acronym) that you may not be as familiar with but one that many organisations are already benefiting from: Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS.

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What Makes an Effective IT Support Helpdesk?

What Makes an Effective IT Support Helpdesk


Technology has become an integral part of every organisation today, and business executives have learned that IT investments allocated wisely pay off in spades. But just as technology is essential to ensure effective business operations, IT support services play an integral part to that efficiency as well.

Reliable tech support helps your employees and customers deal with the everyday challenges that they may encounter, particularly those concerning digital hardware, IT solutions, and tech products. If your business is located in the UK, a secure and smoothly-running system, thanks to good IT support in London, allows you and your staff to focus on the core tasks at hand.

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How Microsoft 365 Can Keep Your Users Safe from Phishing

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, which encapsulates Office 365, is incredibly popular – and one of its most commonly used components is Exchange Online and Outlook – Microsoft’s online email server and desktop and mobile email client, respectively.

When it comes to email, security is a big concern – with one particular email security topic increasingly making the headlines. We’re talking about phishing, a frustratingly effective e-mail attack that’s experienced by 86% of businesses, according to the 2020 UK Cyber Security Breaches Survey.

In this article, we will outline what a phishing attack is – and explain how Microsoft 365 and its component email services can help protect your company against phishing attacks.

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