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4 Tips to Make Your Cloud More Resilient to A DDoS Attack

 4 Tips to Make Your Cloud More Resilient to A DDoS Attack

DDoS attacks are typically designed to inundate servers and entire networks by consuming computing resources through large volumes of traffic, connections, or requests. And so, because cloud infrastructures are assumed to be backed by a large assemblage of such resources, many people believe their servers are less susceptible to these types of attacks if they’re hosted in the cloud. But that’s not entirely true.

If your servers are hosted in a multitenant environment along with a bunch of other servers belonging to other organisations (which is usually the case in a public cloud), your servers could be at risk of collateral damage. If those other servers (note: not yours) are bombarded by a DDoS attack and your cloud service provider (CSP) attempts to absorb the attack, your own servers, which share the same underlying infrastructure with those other servers, could also suffer.

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Four Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Web Content Filtering

Company should use Web Content filtering

Web content filtering is typically supplied as part of broader cybersecurity measures, with most internet security appliances offering the option to enable filtering, and many default configurations enabling it from the outset. Yet as with many topics in information security IT personnel should never assume that content filtering features are active or optimised. In this article, we outline key reasons why content filtering is still so important, and briefly describe how to enable content filtering for your organisation.

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Here’s How Cloud Infrastructures Improve Time-To-Market

Achieve faster time to market through Cloud Solutions

Unless your product AND marketing strategies are really exceptional, it’s normally harder to grab mind and market share if competing products have already established themselves earlier. That’s why time-to-market is crucial. It enables you to reach customers ahead of your competitors. In this post, we explain how you can achieve faster time-to-market through cloud solutions.

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97 Percent Of Companies Don't Have A GDPR Plan

Does your company have a plan to prepare for GDPR

Only two months left before GDPR is implemented any eligible organisation not following the regulations could suffer colossal penalties, as much as four percent of the company's annual turnover or 20,000,000 Euro’s whichever is the Greater!

Does GDPR applies to you?

Only half of UK businesses are even aware of GDPR, whilst a solitary three percent are prepared for the upcoming Cut-off date. Many of large organisations such as EBay, Yahoo and Adobe have had data breaches. Therefore many companies assume that the new regulations only apply to companies dealing with personal data -unfortunately this is not the case!

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Is your London IT department ready for GDPR?

GDPR event successful HTL Support

HTL Support's Business Briefing event on 23 February was a resounding success and offered delegates real insight into the EU General Data Protection Regulation legislation and its likely effects on the IT sector. Demand for the event was far in excess of available places and is an indication of just how relevant the impact of GDPR is to anyone working in IT.

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