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Why Is the Cloud More Physically Secure than On-premise Computing?

Why is the cloud more physically secure than on-premise computing?

The thing about data security…

Uncertainty about the security of the cloud has often been the deciding factor that has made some businesses retain an on-premise approach to provisioning technology to support operations.

High profile, security breaches involving large volumes of data, typically hackers stealing account and password and other personal information from online businesses, have created much doubt and distrust about the cloud, not to mention anxiety for those that have had their information stolen.

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5 Reasons Why Our Clients Choose HTL Support to Provide Technology Services

5 reasons why our clients choose HTL Support to provide technology services

HTL Support lets clients get on with what they do best

At HTL Support, we aim to offer professional IT support services with a difference. The foundation stone of our business is to employ expert technology support technicians with good people skills. Our friendly IT Guys take the hassle out of supporting IT issues so you can get on with the thing you most desire - running your business and practicing what you do best in servicing your customers or clients.

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7 Ways Cloud Computing Will Make You a Better Accountant

7 Ways Cloud Computing Will Make You a Better Accountant

Benefits of Adopting Cloud Technology for Accounting Firms

‘’Cloud Computing’’ could be akin to a tech buzzword that has been around for years. However, unless they have been living under a digital rock, accounting firms will be aware that cloud computing has finally moved from just another buzzword to a real tool for businesses.

According to a report by Intuit, almost 80 percent of U.S. small businesses will be fully adapted to cloud computing by 2020 with an increasing number of respondents currently using it or planning to within the next two years.

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The value of an IT firm that understands regulation in your sector

Value of IT firm that understands regulation in your sector

An increased compliance burden

The issue of increased regulation is a challenge to many businesses. The regulatory burden has been increasing; indeed, in stark contrast with the public sector slashing budgets, the powers and capability of quango executive agencies seem to have expanded.

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The Case for a Holistic Approach to IT Security

The case for holistic approach to IT Security

An existential threat with authorities behind the curve

The National Crime Agency didn’t pull any punches in the report Cyber Crime Assessment 2016, published by its Strategic Cyber Industry Group. The Executive Summary warned of “an existential threat to one or more major UK businesses” and that “criminal cyber capability development currently outpaces the UK’s collective response to cyber crime.”

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Security Now: 5 on the Spot IT Security Checks to Reduce Risk to Your Firm

On the spot IT Security checks to reduce risk to your firm

Is IT security in your firm where it needs to be?

IT security is near the top of the agenda for every executive management team. Although IT is not something executive managers are likely to get hands-on with and is best left to qualified practitioners, there are simple spot-checks that executive leaders can make to see if basic security is being implemented.

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Enjoy the Efficiency of Hosted Desktop with the Performance Graphics Application Users Need

Hosted Desktop Graphics performance with NVIDIA GRID

Hosted Desktop is Now available to firms with heavy graphics demands.

Hosted desktop offers significant benefits to businesses of all types and sizes. Business applications are in the cloud, hosted on our servers in the data centre. Using laptops, PCs, tablets or thin clients, each user’s computing desktop is delivered through a business-class Internet connection.

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3 Reasons Recruiters Do It Better in the Cloud

3 reasons recruiters do it better in the cloud

Flexible, secure and cost effective: What are you waiting for?!

Businesses of all types are able to benefit from cloud computing. However, some of the advantages lend themselves particularly well to certain aspects which characterise the recruitment sector. They simply map on to the needs of the recruitment business much better than an on-premise approach to provisioning technology for a recruitment business. Here, we outline three of them.

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How to recover from a data loss disaster in 20 minutes…

How to recover from a data loss disaster in 20 minutes

Lies, damned lies, and statistics…

For many years, the IT industry has used the threat of going out of business as a way of compelling businesses to invest in backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. Essentially, there has been more than a little scaremongering about the risk of failing to back up data properly and putting appropriate plans in place for disaster recovery.

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Confused about privacy: Untangling Safe Harbour, Privacy Shield and GDPR

Untangling Safe Harbour, Privacy Shield and GDPR

Privacy Shield a more formal compliance framework

The ‘borderless’ internet has created legal problems for nation-states across the globe. Tax laws have brought all sorts of problems for international businesses as well as tax authorities and governments.

The laws on privacy are no less challenging. In the UK, the Data Protection Act, as enforced by the ICO, has been the cornerstone of safeguarding privacy. International standards are bounded by Privacy Shield and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It is an area of some confusion. Here we help to untangle it with some key facts about Privacy Shield and GDPR.

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