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Here’s How Cloud Infrastructures Improve Time-To-Market

Achieve faster time to market through Cloud Solutions

Unless your product AND marketing strategies are really exceptional, it’s normally harder to grab mind and market share if competing products have already established themselves earlier. That’s why time-to-market is crucial. It enables you to reach customers ahead of your competitors. In this post, we explain how you can achieve faster time-to-market through cloud solutions.

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97 Percent Of Companies Don't Have A GDPR Plan

Does your company have a plan to prepare for GDPR

Only two months left before GDPR is implemented any eligible organisation not following the regulations could suffer colossal penalties, as much as four percent of the company's annual turnover or 20,000,000 Euro’s whichever is the Greater!

Does GDPR applies to you?

Only half of UK businesses are even aware of GDPR, whilst a solitary three percent are prepared for the upcoming Cut-off date. Many of large organisations such as EBay, Yahoo and Adobe have had data breaches. Therefore many companies assume that the new regulations only apply to companies dealing with personal data -unfortunately this is not the case!

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Is your London IT department ready for GDPR?

GDPR event successful HTL Support

HTL Support's Business Briefing event on 23 February was a resounding success and offered delegates real insight into the EU General Data Protection Regulation legislation and its likely effects on the IT sector. Demand for the event was far in excess of available places and is an indication of just how relevant the impact of GDPR is to anyone working in IT.

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Introducing WPA3, And How to Improve Wi-Fi Security

Introducing WPA3 And How to Improve Wi-Fi Security

Love it or hate it, IT departments cannot prevent users from engaging with Wi-Fi networks; the convenience factor is simply too high. The IT security risks are real, however, whether your users are roaming – or using Wi-Fi where you have some control over internet security, such as the office space. It is also an evolving threat, with the gold standard of Wi-Fi security, WPA2, losing its shine. In this article, we discuss the next generation of Wi-Fi security, WPA3, and the measures you should currently be taking to boost your company’s Wi-Fi security.

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Going Beyond Checklists: Why Security Matters More Than Just Compliance

IT Security Compliance Checklists

With the losses associated to cyber crime expected to hit around $6 trillion by 2021, security has become a top priority of many businesses. These companies diligently implement compliance initiatives in hopes that they can ensure security within their organisations. But here’s the thing: achieving compliance doesn’t necessarily mean that your business is fundamentally secure.

Last year, Verizon published a report that revealed a major eye opener regarding compliance. According to that report, 45% of PCI DSS certified customers needed remediation. Meaning that these businesses still needed to improve their security controls in order to be considered secure as per PCI DSS.

It’s important to note that these businesses actually already passed a previous compliance audit. In fact, they were certified to be fully PCI DSS compliant. In other words, they had already spent a considerable amount of time, attention, and money establishing IT security controls that met PCI DSS requirements.

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GDPR Business Briefing tickets – sold out in a week!

Are you ready for GDPR?

When you promote a business event that “sells out” in days, then you know you've chosen a topic of great concern and interest.

That’s exactly what happened when HTL Support announced it was hosting an event for London businesses, to provide insights and updates on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Top 4 Cyber Threats UK Businesses Need To Watch Out For

Top 4 Cyber Threats UK Businesses Need To Watch Out For in 2018

The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve and in order to maximise your cyber security budgets, and position resources where they are most needed, you need to know what threats are most likely to make an impact in the near future. To help you, we’ve put together a list of what we believe are going to be the top 4 cyber threats in the UK this year. 

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Three Effective Ways to Optimise Your IT Spending

Three Effective Ways to Optimise Your IT Spending

There is one area on which everyone concentrates when it comes to getting the most out of an IT budget: squeezing the supplier. Though getting commodity items at the best prices and achieving the most value out of the services and IT support costs you pay for is important, there are many other areas where careful consideration can result in far more optimal IT spending.

Deloitte’s 2016-2017 CIO survey found that, on average across all industries, expenditure on IT packages, staff and services accounts for 3.28% of a company’s turnover, with businesses in professional services industries commonly managing annual IT budgets of 6% of overall turnover. The importance of optimal spending is clearly very high. Here we outline a few of the top areas we think your business should focus on.

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Which Telecoms Alternative: Fixed Line, VoIP or Office 365 with Skype?

Which Telecoms Alternative: Fixed Line, VoIP or Office 365 with Skype

Most businesses intensively use electronic, text-based platforms such as e-mail and team chat for communications, but under many circumstances, a voice call still carries more weight than words on a screen. For this reason, telephony remains an important part of organisational communications, and picking the right infrastructure is equally important.

Your choice of telephone system will depend on many factors: is your company upgrading, or are you procuring a new system? The quality of your internet connection and the distribution of staff are also key influencing factors. Each choice of system has unique benefits and drawbacks, there really is no one size fits all solution but some options may be a better fit for your business.

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How Important is Penetration Testing to Achieving Optimal Network Security

How Important is Penetration Testing to Achieving Optimal Network Security

Let’s say you’ve already invested a fortune on network security. How do you determine that investment’s effectiveness in preventing a data leak or withstanding a deliberate cyber attack? Your best option would be to conduct a penetration test or pen test.

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