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Remote Support

IT Support in LondonThank you for giving us the opportunity, amongst a very crowded market, to tell you more about our innovative and cost effective support offering.

Below we've placed all the information we think you'll need to assist you making, what is becoming a complicated decision.

Here are a couple of reasons why our offering stands out from the rest.

1. Responsive

82% of all support calls resolved in less than 15 minutes, and the statistics to prove it.

2. Unique

Wavex is unique in that it is one of the only providers in the SME space to have developed their own network management and workflow systems to offer customers vastly superior levels of service at a reduced cost. We'd be happy to give you a demonstration.

3. Control

We've developed systems which, based directly on your feedback, affects our engineers bonus. So our engineers are always motivated to ensure you are happy.

4. Accountable

We provide detailed reports and charts outlining how well we are meeting our service level agreement. And every month we will email you a management email outlining all the information regarding the level of service your company is receiving.

5. Cost effective

Our unique diagnostic systems have been developed in-house with the simple aim of reducing the time it takes to solve a problem, this translates directly into a reduced cost to you both for support and lost revenues through downtime. Network Computing Magazine ™ reviewed one of our core diagnostic applications saying: "........ other network management packages can't come close to it in terms of detail and speed".

6. Literate

We're business literate, and as such never recommend a solution without a clear business benefit.

7. Management

We will manage the resolution of issues with third-parties, so you should rarely have the problem passed back to you.

8. Transparent

We don't hide information which we feel may reflect negatively on us (not that there is a need to), but work openly and transparently with our clients to ensure not only is a high quality service delivered but the relationship between the two companies is maintained. Virtually all the information you need is accessible via our Extranet, 24x7 and is always up to date alternatively you can always talk to your client services manager.

9. Other services

We can assist you in your other IT needs, purchasing, obtaining an Internet Connection, a new telephony system, office moves, disaster recovery, manage home workers, even 24x7 support, in fact - almost all the IT services required by a company we can provide, and if required, with suitable references.

10. Better people

And finally, our engineers are nice, articulate people who have passed a stringent qualification and testing process to become a Wavex engineer. Only 1 in 200 people that actually attempt the Wavex test achieve a result which would get them to the interviewing stage.