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How To: Track Your Users Using Google Analytics

All businesses need information about how they are performing, that is why it is important that your website must be integrated with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free website statistic service, which can give you access to loads of fascinating information about your website.

Integration with your website is so simple that once you have completed this quick How To you will be checking your 'bounce rates, ‘visitors percentages’ and 'web traffic' daily.

Step 1: Sign up with Google

A Google Analytics account can be opened by both individuals and companies at

The first thing you will need to do, if you don't have one already, is create a Google account.

Step 1

Step 2: Sign up with Google Analytics

After signing into Google Analytics using your Google account and clicking 'Sign UP', you will be presented with this screen. Enter the URL of your website into the highlighted box.

Step 2

The sign up process is in four stages.

1. General Information. Enter the details of the site you wish to track.

2. Contact Information.

3. User Agreement.

4. Add Tracking. You will be issued with a line of code to embed into the webpage you want to track. Then copy the generated script.

Step 3: Analytics Code Integration

Now paste your script inside the < head > tag of your index.html and then save.

Step 3

Step 4: Explore your Google Reports

You can now log in to your Google Analytics account at any time to see your Terapad site statistics. Simply click on the 'Report' and you will be taken to your dashboard; a general overview with lots of information about your site which will be updated daily. Spending some time getting to know what the various elements of your dashboard are can help you plan website updates and judge how your site is performing. I hope you enjoy learning more about your site users.

Step 4

Enjoy lots of interesting statistics about your site.