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The importance of good Server Support in London

A server is the most used piece of technology in any organization. All the business software that runs on the server makes it a central platform for all the technical needs of the employees. The various software for which the server acts as a central hub may include; accounting software, software related to CRM, ERP application or even HR. There are so many applications that run on the operating system of the servers that it’s very crucial to maintain the operating system in optimal health, in order to avoid the working of the whole organization to come to a standstill. Now it’s a fact, as far as technology is concerned; more the usage of a technology, more will be the number of technical problems it will face.

While athletes the world over prepare for the performance of a lifetime, in London, one race has already begun. For the past three years, a small army of strategists and technicians has been hard at work, putting the network infrastructure technology in place for what aims to be one of the biggest and most connected events the world has ever seen.
The organisational challenges alone are immense. The London 2012 Games will need to support a working population the size of Guildford across almost a hundred locations. Security, offline and on, is paramount. The amount of data involved – from live high definition images to multiple event scheduling – is staggering. And that's before the 10 million or so spectators turn up.

2012 London Olympic Games Network Infrastructure

Cisco is the Official Network Infrastructure Supporter for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Cisco's network infrastructure will underpin the delivery of the voice, video and data traffic used by fellow technology partners to connect the thousands of people running, reporting, competing in or enjoying the Games.

London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

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Cisco Launches STEM Challenge 10 to Get Students Inspired by London 2012 Cisco Teams Up With STEMNET to Challenge School Children to Emulate the Olympic and Paralympic Committee by Becoming Events Organisers Themselves  
Original Post :  Cisco launches stem challenge 10 to get students inspired by london 

 LONDON, Feb 29, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- School children across the United Kingdom are being challenged to create a plan for an Olympic or Paralympic-scale event in their home town as part of the latest STEM Challenge managed by STEMNET (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network) in partnership with Cisco CSCO -0.60%   , the Official Network Infrastructure Provider of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

London 2012 Olympic Partner Cisco and STEMNET are inviting 11-16 year old school children across the UK to get in the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games by delivering plans for an Olympic or Paralympic-scale event in their home town. Students will need to take into consideration all aspects of the event starting with the technical design of the stadium and facilities, all the way to the opening and closing ceremonies. 

 The challenge forms part of the Cisco Out of the Blocks series -- an initiative to use London 2012 as a catalyst to help build a brilliant future in the UK. The scheme, which launched in January, saw nearly 4,000 UK secondary schools receive a set of free Key Stage 4 activity books inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and aims to encourage students to further their learning in maths and science. The resources are also held on the website along with other video content to inspire children to further their learning in Maths and Science and be more aware of future careers that can be derived from a good base in STEM skills. 

London 2012 Olympic Partner Launching this week and running until 15th May 2012, students will work in teams to complete the task in a bid to win prizes that include a "gold medal" of GBP 2,500 for the school's STEM club, "silver medal" of GBP 1,000 and "bronze" of GBP 500. All winning teams will win eight tickets to one of the London 2012 events and merchandise. 

Cisco Support launches

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Cisco TerapadCisco Support, a free website powered by ( was launched today featuring online shopping, forums, image gallery, event calendar, blog, and more.

Cisco Support can be accessed at

Government fails to support SME

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An article published on Computer Weekly's website caught my eye today, regarding computer support for London's SMEs.

"A national survey conducted by researchers from the School of Management at Royal Holloway University of London found government is failing to give IT advice to SMEs. As a result the businesses are not exploiting IT to its full potential, said the college."

Dell to offer Computer Support in London

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Dell will soon offer a paid support service that allows consumers to call a dedicated London support team to help troubleshoot their computer problems, Dell announced Monday.

Businesses looking for computer support in London should contact HTL. Consumers who call for support today often have to go through several Dell representatives, said Bob Kaufman, a Dell spokesman. The new service will give paying customers direct access to a "dedicated team" of support staff with good knowledge of all Dell-branded products, he said.

IT Support - visit homepage

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IT Support London

HTL are Londons no.1 IT service and outsourcing company and provide hundreds of London companies with IT support, and our contracts start from as little as £100 a month. Please click here to visit our website.

Why are we the best IT Support?

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One of our key objectives is to reduce your IT costs. Why does that make good business sense? Because if we ensure everything works as well as it can for you and you are happy with the system and service, we can target our resources to help other clients, thus spreading the cost of support effectively.

London IT ServicesWe also provide our clients with a hardware firewall (more secure than many software firewall products) and a remote access solution (so your workers can easily work from home). These value-added services are provided at no extra cost to our clients.

We provides you with access to our secure Intranet which provides a direct link to your office email, your desktop, in other words, you can continue working wherever you are. Other areas within our Intranet provide : -

We don't tie you into long term contracts, after a one month trial period (a proof of concept period), our minimum term is just 3 months. Longer contracts are also available, if preferred.

We will save you money. Less downtime, greater productivity, better communication.

Remote Support

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IT Support in LondonThank you for giving us the opportunity, amongst a very crowded market, to tell you more about our innovative and cost effective support offering.

Below we've placed all the information we think you'll need to assist you making, what is becoming a complicated decision.

London IT Support

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 HTL Group IT Support LondonHTL are an IT consultancy focused on supplying small and medium sized businesses with networking solutions and IT computer support in and around the London area.

HTL are the company of choice for systems and server installations to Microsoft upgrades and Open Licensing and migrations, to a complete network audit and support service, HTL have the experience and expertise to help your business.

IT Support

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IT Support in London

HTL aim to be a sought after provider of IT solutions to the finance sector in London. In order to achieve this we couple highly skilled engineers with efficient operating systems and white glove IT support. Our extensive experience and flexible approach to finding solutions result in a ‘can do’ attitude and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Importance of good IT support

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IT Support is the key to efficient and effective systems

IT equipment requires a proficient company on stand by to address any problems that may develop. The lack of support will ultimately lead to a loss in business and staff unable to work.

HTL provide the following IT support:

    * Telephone Support
    * Remote Access Support
    * On-Site Support
    * Advice & Training

Fed up with inefficient support?
HTL will ensure that your IT support needs are dealth with efficiently and effectively.

IT Support ExpertOur experience has shown us that many companies are not satisfied with the level of IT support they are receiving from their current IT consultants. Generally projects are welcomed and executed quickly however once problems occur, the level of service drops dramatically.

HTL care equally as much about the support of the systems, the day to day running and also the continuing care of our clients' needs.

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