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Avaya Telephones

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IT Support in London

Information technology now underpins most business functions and can make the difference between a successful and profitable company and one which is struggling to survive. But it's hard to keep up-to-date with developments and to be sure that you are making the best use of technology.

IT Services

IT Services in LondonYour priority is to run a profitable business not an effective IT operation - that's our job! HTL offers a complete IT service, which ensures that your business has the right systems, support and training to meet your objectives.

Avaya IP Office

Avaya Specialist CentreAs a manager in a growing business you need a clear picture of your communications in order to make the right decisions. A good telephone system can improve your productivity and profitability by linking together every single aspect of your business from customer relationship management to dispatch and delivery.

We are a specialist centre for Avaya and will work with you to find the right solution for your business. We will then implement it with minimum disruption to your operations, integrating the telephone system with other business systems where necessary. We can also provide training and ongoing support to ensure that you are getting the most out of your system.

IT Support London

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What Do You Mean "IT Support ?"

I see it as a starting point for end-user or customer interactions when performing self-help actions in order to solve a technical problem or to get an answer to a technical question. I use the term “IT” to indicate that the support  being discussed is for technical or technology issues. I could have used the word "technical" or "technology" as well. The majority of our members are a part of the IT organisation, thus referring to the support as an IT  seemed appropriate. Some of the concepts could also refer to non-IT or non-technical support as well.

Key IT Support Design Concepts

I want to focus on three design concepts that I think are important. Hopefully this will stimulate your mind and may even give some vendors food for thought on what to begin building.

1. My Personal IT support—," my personal agent on my workstation. The avatar will learn my interaction patterns and issues, configuration and connectivity history, mistakes, and maybe even attend "virtual meetings" with other avatars. I believe there will be hundreds or thousands of avatars meeting on servers and sharing the successes and challenges faced by their "real" personas. The avatars will discuss what environmental or interaction patterns preceded the real personas need to access the support .

Managed IT Support Service

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Managed IT SupportIT Computer Support of London provides technical support and managed services for businesses. Our certified PC/Windows and Apple Macintosh technicians have decades of experience.

Talk to us about your computers - We'll listen.

Does your business STOP while you try to make technology work? When you don't have the time, our professional staff will get the job done promptly, quickly and reliably the first time. Companies ranging from marketing, design, financial, real estate, food services, utilities, government, contracting and medical depend on us. We have flat rate services that will save you time, money and aggravation. Leasing plans are also available.
Join Our Many Satisfied Clients and Get Immediate Response. Guaranteed.

"Every time I talk to them, they save me money. They are always there when I need help. I would highly recommend IT Computer Support of New York"

-Julian Beadman, President, Horizon Foods, a national gourmet food distributor and ITCSNY client for over 21 years.

Get business support, consulting and service for your; data centers, network architecture, computer data integration, data migration, corporate relocation, security, firewalls, vpns, file servers, MS Windows and Apple operating systems, MS Exchange, email, Outlook, anti spam, Blackberry, PDAs, back up, storage, network management, monitoring, Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and HIPAA requirements, MS Vista, penetration and vulnerability testing, system assessments and video surveillance - just to name a few.

HTL goes further for IT Support

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Independent IT Consultancy in LondonHTL's is an independant IT and Telecoms consultancy. All Helpdesk staff and Engineers are Microsoft Certified in both MSCE and MCP and HTL is a Microsoft Certified Partner .

We provide two services, which cover a range of functions within them – our IT Helpdesk service and IT & Comms Room Management.

We provide these services as appropriate for your business, so we start the process with a full audit and discussion to understand your current set up and your requirements.

One of our customers is a well-known airline, for whom we provide IT Comms room management and IT helpdesk. A HTL engineer is based permanently on-site, to deal with anything that can’t be dealt with remotely. End users call the Helpdesk team, who raise a ticket, the engineer then logs into the system to see what issues there are and is then able to resolve these remotely, or by going directly to the end user. In addition the engineer works on large, long term projects and routine maintenance.

For this company HTL provides helpdesk management, as they have their own IT teams based onsite, Network Team, Web Team and Server Team. All issues are logged with HTL and we manage the call request and ensure SLA’s are met on behalf of the customer and their own resolving team. In addition we provide first line technical support, allowing the IT teams to focus on their core areas of expertise, without being distracted by small day to day IT issues.

We provide helpdesk coverage from 8am through to 6pm and the ability to deliver out of hours help in addition to this. All support is provided within agreed SLAs, defined at the start of the agreement.

The future of IT support

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 My August 1st Report on Service Desk 2010 provided a number of predictions as to what the support organisation and technology might look like in 2010. I would like to delve a little deeper into what the IT support might look like in 2010. As many of you know large support centers. We meet quarterly and generally fifteen of the twenty participating support executives are able to attend. At our next meeting, September 12-14 at we will focus on what the group thinks the service desk / help desk / support center will look like in 2010. I know the group well enough to know that the IT support  is and will continue to be of absolute importance. I would like to hear your thoughts and input. I suspect there are a number of vendors that might like to weigh in on this one. I will take all of the input that I receive with me to our September 17-19 Strategic Advisory Board meeting, which will also be addressing this subject.

Computer Repair IT Support

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