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HTL goes further for IT Support

Independent IT Consultancy in LondonHTL's is an independant IT and Telecoms consultancy. All Helpdesk staff and Engineers are Microsoft Certified in both MSCE and MCP and HTL is a Microsoft Certified Partner .

We provide two services, which cover a range of functions within them – our IT Helpdesk service and IT & Comms Room Management.

We provide these services as appropriate for your business, so we start the process with a full audit and discussion to understand your current set up and your requirements.

One of our customers is a well-known airline, for whom we provide IT Comms room management and IT helpdesk. A HTL engineer is based permanently on-site, to deal with anything that can’t be dealt with remotely. End users call the Helpdesk team, who raise a ticket, the engineer then logs into the system to see what issues there are and is then able to resolve these remotely, or by going directly to the end user. In addition the engineer works on large, long term projects and routine maintenance.

For this company HTL provides helpdesk management, as they have their own IT teams based onsite, Network Team, Web Team and Server Team. All issues are logged with HTL and we manage the call request and ensure SLA’s are met on behalf of the customer and their own resolving team. In addition we provide first line technical support, allowing the IT teams to focus on their core areas of expertise, without being distracted by small day to day IT issues.

We provide helpdesk coverage from 8am through to 6pm and the ability to deliver out of hours help in addition to this. All support is provided within agreed SLAs, defined at the start of the agreement.

All inbound calls to the Helpdesk are logged and ticketed and dealt with according to the SLA. The ticket is sent to the end user in the form of an email depicting the problem raised and an approximate resolution time. Each follow-up call made by the user or by Helpdesk will have notes of the call added to the ticket, so that there is an audit trail of actions taken. When the issue is resolved the end user receives an email detailing the actions taken to fix the issue.

Using a remote take-over tool we are able to access end users machines and are often able to solve issues via the phone. Some of our customers have a contract, which gives them an engineer on site for a guaranteed number of days per month. This enables them to collate non-essential desktop and server work to be carried out when the engineer is on-site, for example the setting up of new starters machines, printer hard ware issues etc. Of course, all emergency work, which cannot be fixed over the phone, or by remote access, will have an engineer attend the site in accordance to the contract and SLA in place.

Some of our larger clients have engineers permanently based on site, or guaranteed number of engineers’ days on site each month, in addition to our helpdesk.

At the end of each month each customer is sent a report that depicts the activities for the month. The remote details the amount of tickets raised on a cumulative basis, so call rates and typical response times are visible. In addition we will report on items such as the number of Spam emails caught, the amount of viruses detected and stopped, the amount of hits to a website etc. In addition any project work is reported on, such as the rollout of new equipment, software updates applied to servers and desktops. All major events (server outages for examples) are reported and full details are provided on how the issue was resolved and how to prevent future reoccurrences. Additionally the monthly report will detail the current SLA targets (percentage of outstanding calls, call closed in the month etc). Larger clients have a monthly review meeting to discuss and review the contract and all outstanding issues and project work.

IT Helpdesk

The IT helpdesk service is a helpdesk functionality, where we are your IT department, or we provide first line IT support, allowing your IT team to focus on specific projects.

Some of the services we offer in this include:

    * Provision of an attended helpdesk, to deal with all IT issues during office hours
    * Advice and support to staff as required on fault resolution, “how to” requests and service requests.
    * On site attendance in order to respond to faults that cannot be dealt with remotely (UK only)
    * Support Hours Between 08:00 And 18:00 Monday To Friday excluding UK Bank Holidays
    * Monitoring of backups

IT & Comms Room

In addition to our IT helpdesk service Telinet also offers a full IT Comms room management service, managing Windows servers, firewalls, switches, routers, hubs, UPSs, patch panels, networks, cable management, PBX and all telephony equipment. There is overlap between our two offerings of IT Helpdesk and IT Comms Room Management.

    * Provision of strategic support on IT decisions, futures, procurement, budgets, policies and security
    * Change control and change management
    * Server monitoring
    * Preventative maintenance on IT hardware where possible
    * Monitoring of backups