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Managed IT Support Service

Managed IT SupportIT Computer Support of London provides technical support and managed services for businesses. Our certified PC/Windows and Apple Macintosh technicians have decades of experience.

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Does your business STOP while you try to make technology work? When you don't have the time, our professional staff will get the job done promptly, quickly and reliably the first time. Companies ranging from marketing, design, financial, real estate, food services, utilities, government, contracting and medical depend on us. We have flat rate services that will save you time, money and aggravation. Leasing plans are also available.
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"Every time I talk to them, they save me money. They are always there when I need help. I would highly recommend IT Computer Support of New York"

-Julian Beadman, President, Horizon Foods, a national gourmet food distributor and ITCSNY client for over 21 years.

Get business support, consulting and service for your; data centers, network architecture, computer data integration, data migration, corporate relocation, security, firewalls, vpns, file servers, MS Windows and Apple operating systems, MS Exchange, email, Outlook, anti spam, Blackberry, PDAs, back up, storage, network management, monitoring, Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and HIPAA requirements, MS Vista, penetration and vulnerability testing, system assessments and video surveillance - just to name a few.

IT Computer Support is right for your company if you...

    * have telecommuters, multiple office sites, road warriors or need vpn (virtual private network) assistance
    * want fast, effective service
    * have security concerns
    * need reliable computers

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"Managed Services Program?"

Managed Services are a way to level the costs of computer maintenance and support. Instead of using the "break/fix" model, managed services include:

   1.      Proactive regular maintenance.
   2.      Fixed Monthly Fee.
   3.      24 x 7 Monitors


   1.      Unlimited tech support
   2.      Unlimited administration
   3.      Minimized down-time
   4.      Reduced costs for upgrades.
   5.      Reliable operations.


Systems slowly wear out. Degradation occurs so slowly that we take past reliability as an indication of continued health and are lulled into a false sense of security. With the use of technology such as Level Platforms, IT Computer Support of New York monitors stay on top of business critical equipment continuously.

IT Computer Support of London 24x7 Monitors are a proactive, cost-effective way to maintain maximum uptime and limit unexpected downtime for critical business network components. IT Computer Support of London 24x7 Monitoring provides early warnings of system degradation and failures, often, before it threatens the security or reliability of your business computer network or internet abilities. Each of our monitored services are designed to provide alerts of degraded operations or a failure so the situation can be remedied as quickly as possible.


• Pro-Active

• Cost-Effective

• Repairs can be scheduled at the first sign of trouble, often before a failure

• Limits downtime


• Provides early warning of systems degradation

• Provides notification of a system failure

• When bundled with an IT Computer Support of London support agreement or managed services system interruptions are remedied seamlessly and rapidly

• When bundled with an IT Computer Support of London support agreement or managed services costs are fixed



Backup Monitoring

• Monitor the backup operation for each scheduled backup

• Notify you of unsuccessful backups

• Notify you to clean the backup unit

• Monitor tape age

• Notify you when tape replacement is necessary

• Notify you when tape drive replacement is necessary


Tapes require annual replacement

Tape Backup Units last about 2 - 4 years


UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Monitoring

• Monitor the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and the power being delivered to the data center 24x7

• Regularly test the UPS

• Monitor the load on the UPS and Identify unauthorized additions to the UPS (which can lead to oversubscription) BEFORE they become a problem

• Perform load calibration testing of the UPS as additional devices are added

• Provide early warning of battery failure so they can be replaced before they are needed

• Monitor temperature and (optionally) humidity (requires THD Sensor)

• Notify you when battery and/or UPS replacement or additions are necessary


UPS life expectancy is estimated at 3-5 years, battery life is 2-3 years


Server (datacenter) Monitoring

• Monitors server 24x7 on all sensors including power, fans, disks, temperature, and voltage

• The server's condition can be ascertained regardless of the state of the operating system

• Maximize mean time between failure

• Provide early warning of server errors which often enables repair in a scheduled manner, before a failure

• Remediate failures faster

• Notify you when server replacement or upgrades or updates (non-OS) are necessary


Server life expectancy is estimated at 3-5 years


Firewall Monitoring

• Monitor the firewall 24/7

• Provide notification of Firewall failure so that remediation steps can be taken immediately

• Provide notification of firewall performance degradation


Router Monitoring

• Monitor the router 24/7

• Provide early warning of Router failure so that remediation steps can be taken immediately

• Provide immediate notification of connection failure so that provider can be notified

• Provide notification of router performance degradation due to high cpu utilization


Switch Monitoring

• Monitor core and edge switches 24x7

• Provide early warning of switch failure so that remediation steps can be taken immediately

• Provide notification of switch performance degradation



HTL 24x7 Monitors can be purchased separately or as part of a managed services agreement. It will be determined if desktop monitoring is necessary

• Client is responsible for costs of replacement hardware, software and third party support and service