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Infographics as web content

Infographics or Information Graphics as defined by Wikipedia are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Infographics is designed to simplify information by transforming data into a graphical representation making data conveyable and easier to understand.

The use of Infographics is nothing new and has been around for many years. During early age, illustrations and sketches are used as techniques of disseminating information. Cave drawings are probably the earliest known examples of Infographics. Nowadays, it is commonly used to illustrate a process, signage, maps, and plans.

This practice is integrated by many web designers to effectively explain what the web content is all about. Infographics or Data Visualization is added as an element in a website design. Images and illustrations are good practices to avoid huge white spaces. Graphics help to brighten up long and dull text content in a website.

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High quality graphics attract users to share information through social media websites, thus helping you promote your website. Infographics engages good user experience, invites more visitors to your website, and boosts your search engine ranking.

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The use of graphics and images are limitless. However, it is important to have a balance between website content and images. You don't want to hurt the eyes of the users who read your website.