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Proactive Warning Service: The Best of Health for Servers and Workstations!

Proactive Warning Service for Servers and Workstations

IT security and systems availability

IT security is one of the biggest concerns of our time. It might be identity theft from individuals or the hacking of business and corporate networks on an industrial scale by unscrupulous nation states trying to obtain commercial IP or military secrets. Whatever the threat, securing networks against attack is high priority for IT teams.

Besides viruses, malware and hacking, if we look at other factors that impact operational availability of business dependent IT systems, then there are a range of issues which need to be addressed.

Server status and Windows Services, disk space and database sizes are all factors that could  influence a business-critical failure. Storage and back up, the availability of network devices, satellite offices and websites are all hugely relevant.

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Free Guide to Personalised B2B IT Services for Your Business

Personalised B2B IT Services for your Business

Commoditised services and low value

In these days of highly competitive marketplaces, customer satisfaction is often the key to business success. Generally we can say a customer is satisfied when the service received exceeds or at the very least matches expectations. But what shapes our expectations?

Quite often it is determined by the concept of ‘value’.In today’s competitive market places commoditisation leads to lower quality services. If the price is appropriate to the service level then the value perception may be seen as reasonable or adequate. However, when the cost outstrips the level of service, then the value perception is likely to be poor. Ultimately, we expect to get what we pay for.

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When Is the Right Time to Move to a Hosted Desktop Solution?

Move to Hosted Desktop solution

Big benefits from eliminating servers

Hosted desktop is one of the most interesting cloud-based services on offer to businesses that want to obtain better value. However, many are uncertain about what Hosted Desktop provides.

Essentially Hosted Desktop lets the business eliminate servers, their software and related hardware, and management requirements such as storage, backup and antivirus. You can read more about hosted desktop by following the links to other information on this website at the bottom of this post.

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Securing Data in the Age of BYOD with Policy

Bring your own device

Benefits of BYOD difficult to ignore

Traditionally, businesses discouraged and even prevented employee-owned devices being used in the workplace for accessing company data and services. This was especially true of larger businesses or those with compliance requirements to meet.

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7 of the Most Significant Threats to IT Security for Small and Medium Businesses

7 security threats to IT Security

Strong business case using outsourced services

Last year saw no let-up in the anxieties over cyber security. Criminal enterprises seem able to distribute malware via email to steal identities unimpeded by the international cyber law enforcement authorities; hackers continue to crack open customer databases of businesses as diverse as TalkTalk and Ashley Madison. It is a necessity for any business on the internet to be able to effectively defend against today’s agile threat environment.

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6 Ways HTL Support Enables Legal Firms to Meet the Specific Regulatory Requirements for Outsourced IT Solutions

Cloud Solutions for Legal business firm

The legal profession and exemplary compliance practice for data

HTL Support specialises in providing technology solutions for the professional services sector. Perhaps above all others, the legal profession needs to demonstrate exemplary practice. Poor practice may have very serious consequences measured in a currency that exceeds the value of mere money.

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Microsoft Invests out of Safe Harbour Wrangle but It Doesn’t Change the Right-sized Partner Rationale for Smaller Enterprises

Data Privacy Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour renegotiation by the end of January

Following the EU ruling that rendered the Safe Harbour agreement invalid last October 2015, in November Sataya Nadella (the current wearer of Bill Gates’ big Microsoft CEO shoes), announced investment in UK data centres as part of a $2bn European cloud infrastructure development plan.

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6 Ways to Identify a Good Hosted Desktop Service Provider

Identify good Hosted Desktop provider

Strong business case using outsourced services

Service providers of technology solutions are a necessity for today’s businesses. Even if an organisation has technical expertise in-house, it’s impossible to operate without service provision from an external company. It may be internet connectivity; offsite data backup; or cloud applications; but it simply isn’t feasible for an organisation to be self-sufficient and operate in complete isolation.

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Veeam Silver Propartner Status Underscores Our Commitment to Delivering High Quality Solutions for Services Sector

VEEAM disaster recovery solution with Serviced Cloud

Accredited to provide leading back up and DR solutions

HTL Support is proud to announce that we are now accredited Silver ProPartners for Veeam backup and hosted disaster recovery (DR) solutions.

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Hosted Desktop Calculator: See Just How Affordable It Is to Offload the Burden of Desktop Computing

Serviced Cloud Hosted Desktop calculator

More efficient IT and financing of business technology

Hosted desktop provides great benefits, allowing businesses to offload a number of burdensome issues. For small businesses without IT expertise in-house, it provides the essentials to keep your people productive and free from niggly IT issues that soak up time. For larger businesses with IT skills in-house, it lets the tech team concentrate on higher value strategic or customer facing tasks that are of significantly more value that administrative management and support of desktop computers.

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