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3 Ways Great IT Support Facilitates Fast Growth

IT Support provides effective service for businesses

Fast growth: A nice problem

Whatever the core business activity of a firm, fast growth is a nice problem to have. Although the doomsayers warn of the problems of rapid uncontrolled growth, such as resourcing gaps and overstretching with too many commitments, these are challenges that should be well within the capability of a company governed with good management practice.

Technology and efficiency go hand-in-hand, although the first doesn’t always confer the second. Legacy technology and outmoded processes actually support inefficiency. Many firms with 10 - 100 employees find that using internal IT resource in a more strategic way and outsourcing support from a 3rd party supplier is the most efficient approach.

Firms which choose to obtain IT support as a managed service from a specialist support company have some distinct advantages when it comes to managing fast growth. Here are three of the main ones:

1. Scalability

Whether permanent, contract or freelance, fast growth is likely to mean more people coming on board. This might be expanding existing teams by inducting new hires or it may be to plug in ready-made teams, such as those that may be acquired as a result of M&A.

An external support team with adequate resource simply scales up to meet the demand. Another great benefit is that the needs of mobile and remote workers can more easily be managed under this arrangement. Fast growth doesn’t necessarily mean growing pains!

2. Help desk

A centralised, permanently attended help desk acts as a clearing centre for all support calls and provides support request ticketing and resolution management. Resolving problems is governed by the terms of the SLA, or Service Level Agreement, which sets out response and fix times for problems.

Remote monitoring enables proactive response to predicted failures and immediate action for unpredicted problems. Remote access capability provides direct assistance to individual users via remote desktop support. This is support efficiency that enables fast growth to be sustained.

3. Experience and fluency

Pooled across a team of support specialists, an IT support managed service provider has the experience to resolve problems much more quickly than a small internal IT team. 

Seeing problems of all kinds on a much more frequent basis means there is fluency in dealing with problems, so support tickets are resolved much more quickly. The consequence of this is that disruption is reduced, enabling fast-growth businesses to get on with growing!

IT Support for fast-growth businesses of 10 - 100 people from HTL

When IT is not a core business activity, why persist in getting caught up in trying to support it?

The fact of the matter is most firms that try to be self-sufficient and support IT using internal resources cannot match the level of service provided by specialist IT companies that supply support as a managed service.

Why not find out why HTL is trusted by dozens of businesses with 10 -100 users to provide more support more effectively?

To see how we can help you, simply get in touch today.

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