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Cloud Versus On-site: The Undisputed

Cost advantages of Cloud Computing Solutions

Cost analysis reveals the indisputable truth

Today, boxing is a questionable sport. To many, the risk of serious injury and death to its participants simply makes it unacceptable. To some, it seems anachronistic and it does perhaps belong to a different time because it harks back to the gladiatorial spectacles of an older human civilisation.

In its heydays of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, rival, competing for boxing codes created a bit of confusion. WBC, WBA, and IBF are perhaps the best known. In boxing, the word ‘undisputed’ became the only way to define without a doubt who really was the world champ.

When we talk about technology ‘undisputed’ is perhaps the best way to describe the superior cost advantages of cloud solutions when compared with an on-premise approach to business IT.

Technology costs squashed indisputably by cloud!

Cloud squashes many of the costs including:

  • Hardware - desktop
    • Thin Clients or Zero Clients for a hosted desktop cloud solution reduces costs by around 60% compared with desktop PCs in an on-premise system.
  • Hardware - servers
    • With cloud, servers and associated infrastructure items are eliminated, offering a complete saving of something in the ballpark of £25,000 for a firm with 50 seats.
  • Software
    • Software costs for cloud solutions are absorbed within the subscription fees for the service, so there’s no direct cost for software licensing or upgrades. Typically, for a firm of 50 people on-premise software licensing may exceed £30k per annum. As an annual subscription, the same amount of money buys you an entire cloud solution including servers, software licensing, telephony, support, DR and set up fees.
  • Power and cooling
    • Electrical power to run servers and network, PCs and monitors and air conditioning are reduced by up to 90%.
  • IT Management
    • A capable in-house IT manager is unlikely to leave you much change out of £50k. With a good cloud solution support is part of the service bundle and the IT manager’s role is allowed the space to become more strategic. Do you want to pay the thick end of £50k for a strategic thinker that can add value to your business or a firefighter running to keep up on a treadmill of technical issues?

Exploit the undisputed truth with Serviced Cloud

There’s no doubt that when it comes to cost analysis, cloud is the champ when it comes to business IT. To start finding out more about how you can exploit the undisputed truth about the cost advantages of cloud technology simply get in touch today.

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