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Dear Customer,


I wanted to write to you to share details surrounding our network, our response to the challenges that all carriers currently face and our plans for further actions to be taken in the coming weeks. Firstly I would like to acknowledge that our network has seen many incidents of high latency in the past 3 months; this is both unprecedented and unacceptable.

The root cause of these incidents is DDoS, (Distributed Denial of Service), attacks; specifically NTP & DNS amplification. This type of malicious attack has seen a major upsurge in frequency across the global Internet, rapidly becoming a major threat to the Internet as a whole, resulting in all Internet Service Providers significantly increasing effort and ingenuity to mitigate against this current threat.

WiFi Foundation Closes Down

Published in WiFi Hotspots

HTL have long since supported the WiFi Foundation as a commercial sponsor. Unfortunately the commercial reality of the relationship is not viable as an on-going concern and despite several years of successful funding the management of HTL have today decided to withdraw their funding at the end of the fiscal year. The WiFi Foundation system will close down and cease operations on 31st March.

If you are a commercial business that has a series of WiFi Hotspots we would like to discuss with you how you might be able to implement your own private network, using equipment from Airtight Networks or Cisco.  You can read more about our WiFi Solutions here.

If you requirement is a smaller scale such as a standalone restaurant or bar we would recommend calling James Dale of Purple WiFi on 0161 870 0191.

Offer free Wi-Fi to keep customers happy

Published in WiFi Hotspots


BigHospitality discovers that offering free wireless coverage on your premises is no longer a luxury – it's a necessity if you want to keep your customers happy

Wi-Fi users tend to be 'young, dynamic with plenty of disposable income'

Internet usage in restaurants is becoming ever more common. Whereas in the past it was something customers expected to pay for, with better broadband connections at home and in the office, many are now reluctant to pay exorbitant charges for wireless coverage when they're out and about. By Becky Paskin

A T-Mobile survey has found that almost half of Brits want to surf the net on-the-go, and have chosen the pub as their favourite location

Almost half of British consumers want to be able to use the internet wherever they go, and list pubs as one of the top locations they would like to surf the web. 

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