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Dell to offer Computer Support in London

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Dell will soon offer a paid support service that allows consumers to call a dedicated London support team to help troubleshoot their computer problems, Dell announced Monday.

Businesses looking for computer support in London should contact HTL. Consumers who call for support today often have to go through several Dell representatives, said Bob Kaufman, a Dell spokesman. The new service will give paying customers direct access to a "dedicated team" of support staff with good knowledge of all Dell-branded products, he said.

IT Support - visit homepage

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IT Support London

HTL are Londons no.1 IT service and outsourcing company and provide hundreds of London companies with IT support, and our contracts start from as little as £100 a month. Please click here to visit our website.

Why are we the best IT Support?

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One of our key objectives is to reduce your IT costs. Why does that make good business sense? Because if we ensure everything works as well as it can for you and you are happy with the system and service, we can target our resources to help other clients, thus spreading the cost of support effectively.

London IT ServicesWe also provide our clients with a hardware firewall (more secure than many software firewall products) and a remote access solution (so your workers can easily work from home). These value-added services are provided at no extra cost to our clients.

We provides you with access to our secure Intranet which provides a direct link to your office email, your desktop, in other words, you can continue working wherever you are. Other areas within our Intranet provide : -

We don't tie you into long term contracts, after a one month trial period (a proof of concept period), our minimum term is just 3 months. Longer contracts are also available, if preferred.

We will save you money. Less downtime, greater productivity, better communication.

Remote Support

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IT Support in LondonThank you for giving us the opportunity, amongst a very crowded market, to tell you more about our innovative and cost effective support offering.

Below we've placed all the information we think you'll need to assist you making, what is becoming a complicated decision.

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