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Gdpr Business Briefing Tickets – Sold out in a Week!

Are you ready for GDPR?

When you promote a business event that “sells out” in days, then you know you've chosen a topic of great concern and interest.

That’s exactly what happened when HTL Support announced it was hosting an event for London businesses, to provide insights and updates on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We posted information about the briefing – which includes keynote speakers from IT Governance and other industry experts - well in advance. In less than a week, we had to ask enquirers to go on a waiting list or register for the next event. This is despite adding as many seats as the venue would allow for this first briefing.

Clearly, we are now speedily organising a second event, to provide places for those on the waiting list. There are more details on how to grab your seat at the second event below.


Why was this London business event unmissable?

HTL has a growing reputation for offering events and individual consultation that add value to organisations and underpinning their profitable growth. However, demand for places at this GDPR event exceeded all expectations.

Though demand for the event is flattering and shows our authoritative and informed stance on key issues, we also realise that the topic is the clincher.

The fact that places filled so fast, is probably a good answer to the question that is set to frame the briefing on 23rd February, and the second one in March. Is your business ready for the GDPR?

Thirst for knowledge on this subject is tangible and the team at HTL Support are expecting a busy few months until the new legislation goes live in May.


Helping London firms stay ahead of new legislation

It could be argued that there has been insufficient information available on the IT impact of the new, wide-ranging data controls. Set to replace the existing data laws, the GDPR does not simply protect privacy better and combat loss or theft of data.

It mandates that organisations make substantial changes to hardware, software, business systems, and staff skills. How companies gather, store, use, protect and dispose of personal information has to change. And that personal information covers a very wide range of data you might hold on staff, suppliers or anyone else who is an “EU citizen”. The GDPR brings stringent new rules and noncompliance brings hefty – if not fatal – fines.

There has been confusion caused by Brexit. It has led to a misguided belief that the GDPR doesn’t apply in the UK. Put it this way, there are millions of organisations across the world currently re-evaluating and upgrading their IT. If they are investing heavily and upskilling to make sure they comply with the GDPR, then London companies clearly need to be doing the same.

Not least, as changing the way you handle data takes time. But the clock is ticking for that May deadline.

If you're not on the journey to GDPR compliance, then you need to talk to HTL, London’s leading IT support company.

To get a general overview of what is needed, book early for our next information and advice event in March. You can register here, to get event details as soon as they are available.


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