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How Will 5G Impact Your Business?

How Will 5G Impact Your Business

The long-awaited and much-hyped 5G network has finally launched in some markets and will be rolled out in more major cities by the second half of 2019. 5G is the fifth and latest evolution of wireless connectivity and is expected to have a transformative impact on consumers’ lives and businesses across most industries. The reason for such excitement is, of course, the high speed, low latency, better network reliability and massive device connectivity that 5G performance promises.

While faster speeds are always a welcome development for end-users, the business landscape is where 5G is anticipated to have the most impact. In fact, an Oracle-commissioned survey of 265 business leaders and IT executives across 11 countries reveals that many enterprises are well aware of the possible opportunities that 5G connectivity can create. More than 80% of the respondents say that it can significantly improve many aspects of business operations, and more than 82% believe that it can pave the way for launching new products and services.

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