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Hosted VoIP update: Customised solutions delivering more powerful lower cost business telephony

Serviced Cloud Hosted VOIP solution

Voice and data convergence for higher quality communications

Hosted telephony solutions offer the ability to eliminate a major inefficiency for many businesses – BT telephone and ISDN lines. Often these simply duplicate the connectivity that can be provided equally well via business-class broadband connections.

The budget that is released by decommissioning telephone lines or ISDNs can be used to upgrade and introduce greater resilience to business broadband while delivering an overall lower cost for data and voice connectivity.

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Leveraging the cloud for better voice communications with hosted VoIP telephony

Hosted VOIP solutions with Serviced Cloud

Voice and data convergence for higher quality communications

Voice and data convergence has been an enabler of more convenient and higher quality networked digital communications. This has simplified and increased the efficiency of network infrastructure by allowing voice and data to be carried within the same copper and fibre cables.

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