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Three Effective Ways to Optimise Your IT Spending

Three Effective Ways to Optimise Your IT Spending

There is one area on which everyone concentrates when it comes to getting the most out of an IT budget: squeezing the supplier. Though getting commodity items at the best prices and achieving the most value out of the services and IT support costs you pay for is important, there are many other areas where careful consideration can result in far more optimal IT spending.

Deloitte’s 2016-2017 CIO survey found that, on average across all industries, expenditure on IT packages, staff and services accounts for 3.28% of a company’s turnover, with businesses in professional services industries commonly managing annual IT budgets of 6% of overall turnover. The importance of optimal spending is clearly very high. Here we outline a few of the top areas we think your business should focus on.

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Hidden Costs of Not Upgrading - And What You Stand to Lose

Hidden Costs of Not Upgrading - And What You Stand to Lose

Technology expenditure is usually taken on in a reluctant manner: few businesses rush forward with adopting the latest technologies, instead deferring IT expenditure for as long as they can. Whether it is updating on-premise servers, migrating to the cloud or overhauling a creaking website – management teams tend to delay spending the funds for as long as possible. But is this wise? Are there hidden costs to squeezing the last bit of usage out of outdated technology?

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14 Questions To Ask Before You Renew Your IT Support Contract

14 Questions To Ask Before You Renew Your IT Support Contract

You walk into your office tomorrow. Before you can get a cup of coffee, one of your managers tells you that your IT service contract is going to expire in two months.

You’ve been frustrated with poor service and technology for months. Now, you have an opportunity to improve the situation. Your IT manager stands at the ready with a few recommended IT service providers. Are you equipped to sort through the options and call them?

Before you sign on the dotted line to renew your IT service contract, go through these questions. Investing an hour today could save you months of effort, risk and frustration.

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Shadow IT - a threat or a benefit?

Shadow IT - a threat or a benefit?

Acceptable practice or unacceptable risk?

Shadow IT is the practice of using technology within a business without the knowledge or approval of the IT function.

This includes anything from a single employee using a low cost app, to an entire department, such as Project Management, adopting a cloud software application to support its Line of Business (LoB).

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Security now: 5 on the spot IT security checks to reduce risk to your firm

On the spot IT Security checks to reduce risk to your firm

Is IT security in your firm where it needs to be?

IT security is near the top of the agenda for every executive management team. Although IT is not something executive managers are likely to get hands-on with, and is best left to qualified practitioners, there are simple spot-checks that executive leaders can make to see if basic security is being implemented.

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Christmas and New Year IT systems review checklist

Christmas and New Year IT Systems review checklist

An ideal time to catch up and set out a review

Many firms experience a pre-Christmas rush of finishing off work and projects in early and mid-December. For items in the workflow that are on-going, there is often a sense of ‘parking’ them over the Christmas - New Year transition period until the return to work in January. Many businesses are likely to have reduced workload and staffing numbers.

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The 3 insider threats User Activity Monitoring helps prevent

The 3 insider threats user activity monitoring helps prevent

Insider threats: An unsavoury but unavoidable truth

When it comes to productivity and information security, insider threats are perhaps some of the most unsavoury considerations for a firm. Any business owner or senior executive would prefer to think they can implicitly trust the people that they pay but, unfortunately, it simply isn’t possible to ignore the risk of employee misbehaviour.

User Activity Monitoring (UAM) is a process that is enabled by productivity monitoring software, PMS. These applications are designed to track and record every action performed by a user. The software outputs a log file in plain English (rather than technobabble) and a video file that enables the firm to view each user’s onscreen actions.

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3 ways great IT support facilitates fast growth

IT Support provides effective service for businesses

Fast growth: A nice problem

Whatever the core business activity of a firm, fast growth is a nice problem to have. Although the doomsayers warn of the problems of rapid uncontrolled growth, such as resourcing gaps and over stretching with too many commitments, these are challenges that should be well within the capability of a company governed with good management practice.

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5 tell-tale signs it’s time to outsource IT support

Reasons for small and medium-sized business to outsource IT Support

If the writing isn’t quite on the wall the signs may well be there!

In many firms, IT is a tricky area. It’s complex, costly and impossible to ignore. It needs continual vigilance and good oversight to make sure it functions well. One of the biggest headaches is support.

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3 of the best: Reasons for business users to upgrade to Windows 10

Best reasons to upgrade to Windows 10


Clock is ticking down so don’t miss the chance

Windows 10 was rolled out last summer to the relief of many Windows PC, laptop and tablet users. The previous versions 8 and 8.1 had not gone down well with many users. To placate the disgruntled and to restore some faith Microsoft decided to offer the Windows 10 upgrade free to Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users.

Many of those eligible for the upgrade will have seen the regular pop-up reminding them to take the plunge and get on with it. The latest version of this pop-up actually specifies the upgrade for a scheduled date and time, unless the user interacts with the pop-up and cancels the upgrade.

Microsoft ends the free upgrade offer on 29 July 2016, so the clock is ticking down. After this date upgrade pricing is £100 per devices.If you use Windows 7/8/8.1 on a personally owned computing device it’s your choice whether to go ahead; however if you are a business user, the decision will be down to your IT manager, department or service providers.

From the perspective of businesses, here are what we consider to be the 3 best reasons to upgrade to Windows 10.

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