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3 reasons recruiters do it better in the cloud

3 reasons recruiters do it better in the cloud

Flexible, secure and cost effective: What are you waiting for?!

Businesses of all types are able to benefit from cloud computing. However, some of the advantages lend themselves particularly well to certain aspects which characterise the recruitment sector. They simply map on to the needs of recruitment business much better than an on-premise approach to provisioning technology for a recruitment business. Here, we outline three of them.

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Why moving to the cloud matters for the recruitment sector

Cloud computing for Recruitment Sector

Renewed emphasis on cost control for recruiters

The difficult few years that followed the credit crunch meant the recruitment sector had to endure some tough times. Reduced hiring and increased candidate numbers as headcount were trimmed made the sector one of the first to be hit. When it’s a buyer’s market, clients bargain hard and squeeze margins. But that’s business and you know you would if things were the other way round!

The recession drove many recruiters to re-evaluate their systems and processes. Cloud and online technologies offered the opportunity to cut costs, improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage. Specialised line-of-business applications for the recruitment sector, often integrating software automation functionality, transformed the back and front office for many.

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How to get a new IT system for zero CAPEX!

Zero CAPEX for new IT System

CAPEX no longer an immovable object

When it comes to new infrastructure, capital investment has long been seen as an immovable object. Whether it is transport, utilities or IT, taking a conventional approach to infrastructure requires CAPEX. This brings with it the often tricky question of financing.

Recent years have seen the phenomenal growth of cloud computing. The cloud really took off when the credit crunch strangled the supply of capital. This led those that needed to replace obsolete and legacy IT systems to turn to innovative cloud solutions which require little or no capital funding. The business model includes payment by monthly subscription, effectively shifting IT from the CAPEX to the OPEX budget.

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