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Back to the Future: The Advantages of Hosted Desktop Computing for Financial Sector Firms

Hosted Desktop advantage for Financial Sector

Big bonuses for finance firms!

Whether it's a web email service, or the apps on smartphones, tablets and wearable gadgets, the majority of us enjoy the benefits of personal internet applications delivered from the cloud.

In business, cloud computing offers an unrivalled opportunity to obtain better returns on technology investment.

Businesses of all types benefit from greater organisational flexibility and the agility to respond faster to changes in the operating environment that result from the uptake of cloud computing.  When it comes to finance sector firms, cloud technology also offers big bonuses of simplifying management and ensuring security compliance of the computers on the desktops of employees.

Improve security and reduce management overhead

Our new guide 'Back to the future: The advantages of hosted desktop computing for financial sector firms' discusses the benefits and highlights key advantages that make the solution a good choice for finance sector firm and others in scope of FCA regulation.

The guide:

  • Discusses the advantages of hosted desktop thin client hardware
  • Explains the benefits of centralised management and security
  • Indicates the significant reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership

Leverage online technology with HTL Support

Downloading the guide 'Back to the future: The advantages of hosted desktop computing for financial sector firms' helps those responsible for IT and compliance in the financial sector to better understand how hosted desktop leverages cloud technology.

Quite simply, the guide helps IT and compliance managers understand how hosted desktop delivers a more secure desktop computing environment while at the same time creating an infrastructure that is far easier to manage at a lower cost.

To download your complimentary copy of the guide, simply click here.

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