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Shooting for the Moon: HTL Support Aiming for Lunar Landing as Well as High Quality Services and Solutions

Lunar Mission Off World data storage

Update: For more information about the progress, please visit

World Space Week 4 -10 October 2015

World Space Week was first introduced by United Nations declaration in 1999 and has grown into the largest public space event on Earth. More than 1,400 events in 80 countries celebrated space exploration in 2014.

What with landing on comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, the UK visible solar eclipse in March, and the flyby of Pluto in July, 2015 has certainly generated a great deal of interest, enthusiasm and excitement in space technology and exploration.

Excited about space and shooting for the moon and the stars

There’s plenty more in the pipeline too. One of them is project Lunar Mission One, an international, publically funded, robotic mission to targeted land on the Moon in 2024. The mission successfully completed fundraising on 17 December 2014 on the international crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter. Funding raised for the initial development phase exceeded the minimum target of £600,000 with £672,447 ($1,017,000 approx.) being pledged.

You could say we’re excited about space and shooting for the moon and the stars, because

Serviced Cloud is one of just 13 businesses that made the maximum contribution to the initial round of funding. Over the life of the project it is estimated $500 million will need to be raised to see the project through to success.

The crowdfunding appeal of the project is that individuals are able to send a digital archive of data such as photos or videos, as well as deposit their DNA in the shape of a strand of hair. However, it’s not just a vanity project. The mission aims to achieve serious science too. The mission aims to drill to a depth of between 20 and 100 metres at the unexplored Lunar South Pole from where it hopes to find rock samples dated 4.5 billion years old.

The ultimate in offsite data from HTL Support…!

The mission is then to place the digital and DNA archive in the borehole where it may well remain for millions or perhaps billions of years. This means the Lunar Mission One digital storage device is quite possibly the ultimate in offsite data storage and archiving…

However, for those that don’t require ‘off-world’ data storage, then our UK ISO 27001 accredited data centre solutions provide wide area data and replication services for backup and disaster recovery solutions that meet the regulations for FCA and the ICO/DPA compliance. Simply get in touch if your firm is within scope of the regulations and wants to know about how we work with IT and compliance managers to help you meet your obligations.

You can visit the Lunar Mission One website by clicking here.

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