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The Case for a Holistic Approach to IT Security

The case for holistic approach to IT Security

An existential threat with authorities behind the curve

The National Crime Agency didn’t pull any punches in the report Cyber Crime Assessment 2016, published by its Strategic Cyber Industry Group. The Executive Summary warned of “an existential threat to one or more major UK businesses” and that “criminal cyber capability development currently outpaces the UK’s collective response to cyber crime.”

Such statements are not hyperbole. Cyber crime is at an all-time high and the threat environment continues to be agile as IT security threats morph rapidly and may be blended to enable them to penetrate defences.

Faced with threats that are existential and where the authorities are behind the curve, what can firms do to minimise IT security risks?

The holistic approach to IT security - An executive discussion

Our new guide ‘The holistic approach to IT security’, provides an examination of the two most widely used computing architectures in today’s businesses.

The guide discusses the subject at a high level, enabling business owners and executive teams to rapidly understand the issues, including:

  • The influence of on-premise and cloud computing architecture on IT security
  • The role of conventional PCs and thin clients in securing computing on the desktop
  • The need for effective centralised management of mobile devices

A holistic approach to IT security with HTL Support

With the guide, business leaders and senior managers rapidly get up to speed with one of the most crucial issues that businesses of 10 -100 people face today. The guide shows how firms with limited IT resource centralise and secure their networks with a holistic approach.

To find out more about how HTL Support is able to help you minimise IT security risks and implement a holistic approach, simply get in touch today.

Click here to download the guide ‘The holistic approach to IT security’.

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