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13 Ways HTL Supports Practice and Helps the Accountancy Profession Obtain More Value from Technology

Exemplary support for the compliance mission in the finance sector

13 ways Serviced Cloud supports practice of Accountancy Profession

Businesses operating in regulated sectors need access to technology that supports the compliance mission. When it comes to Professional Services organisations, technology and service providers need to be exemplary in helping to discharge regulatory obligations. Here we highlight how HTL Support provides the solutions to help accountancy firms get the best from technology while meeting compliance and following best practice.

  1. Compliance with Data Protection Act 1998 

    The DPA applies to our business and all our systems are designed to meet compliance in line with the general requirements of the Information Commissioner’s Office.

  2. Host any accountancy or financial software

    There may not be quite as many accountancy packages as there are grains of sand on the beach, it just seems that way! HTL Support is able to host any combination to meet the needs of your business or those of your clients.

  3. The need to protect confidential information

    Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are in place with all clients and employees to explicitly and respectfully remind all parties of their obligations to respect confidentiality at all times.

  4. Hosted desktop solutions

    Hosted desktop solutions are increasingly popular with firms that want to offload servers, data storage and backup from support or nominated office based staff for whom IT matters may be an unwelcome distraction. We simply host your servers, software and data in the data centre and securely connect you with them on demand. You get a familiar, customisable Windows desktop and access to all applications and network resources just like you do now, except you save money and don’t have to worry about support.

  5. Work from anywhere

    Hosted desktop provides the ability to work from anywhere with internet connectivity. Users simply access all the software applications and files on the desktop with which they are familiar.

  6. No local data

    One of the first questions that get asked when mobile devices such as laptops or tablets are lost or stolen is usually: “What data was on it?” When everything is in the cloud protected with passwords or two factor authentication, then there’s no need to store data locally on mobile devices.

  7. No Capital Outlay

    Replacing servers with a hosted cloud solution means there’s no capital outlay. In many cases this may mean the client obtains a completely new IT system for zero CAPEX with one simple and easy monthly payment for all software licencing, hardware and data centre costs.

  8. The issues of data location and Safe Harbour

    There is a significant uncertainty surrounding Safe Harbour and any agreements being thrashed out at the moment may not be free of legal challenge. All data stored on HTL Support technology platforms is held exclusively at data centres geographically situated in the UK. Data sovereignty is assured and governed by applicable UK/EU law.

  9. Telephony solutions

    VoIP solutions enable you to ditch old-fashioned telephone lines and get the benefits of digital systems. Whether you need it for a handful of people in a small firm or something more like a PBX switchboard for a larger practice we can integrate and provide support on voice call systems.

  10. Quality standards for Information Security

    HTL Support provisions technology services from data centres that are certified to ISO 27001:2005.

  11. Internet connectivity solutions

    Cloud solutions mean you need to have reliable internet connectivity of adequate capacity and redundancy to provide a backup in case there is a problem with the primary connectivity route. Our business-class internet connectivity provides the solutions to suit firms of all sizes.

  12. Backup and data recovery

    Full data retention, backup and disaster recovery plans are available to meet the specific requirement of each accountancy client and each firm is able to download a copy of its data at any time and for any reason, and without any assistance from us.

  13. Private cloud solutions

    For firms where there is a need for greater compliance and security, a private cloud solution may be the right choice. Clients with higher requirements for compliance with their in-house corporate standards for information security may require accountancy service providers to put private cloud solutions in place. Our private cloud solutions are used by international investment firms across globally distributed offices and teams. 

Technology solutions that meet the needs of accountancy firms from HTL Support.

Find out more about how our cloud solutions help solve technology issues for accountancy firms. Contact us today to find out how we can help your firm to get greater value while meeting it’s regulatory obligations. 

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