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Why Moving to the Cloud Matters for the Recruitment Sector

Cloud computing for Recruitment Sector

Renewed emphasis on cost control for recruiters

The difficult few years that followed the credit crunch meant the recruitment sector had to endure some tough times. Reduced hiring and increased candidate numbers as headcount were trimmed made the sector one of the first to be hit. When it’s a buyer’s market, clients bargain hard and squeeze margins. But that’s business and you know you would if things were the other way round!

The recession drove many recruiters to re-evaluate their systems and processes. Cloud and online technologies offered the opportunity to cut costs, improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage. Specialised line-of-business applications for the recruitment sector, often integrating software automation functionality, transformed the back and front office for many.

From 2010 to 2014 the recovery was hampered by widespread uncertainty, and many experienced something of a stop-start feel where business didn’t quite seem to get into gear. More recently it has recovered as confidence has returned.

The UK seems to have recovered better than many of its EU partners other key global economies. However, post ‘Brexit’ the picture remains somewhat unclear and uncertain again. If it ever truly went away, for many recruitment businesses there is now a renewed emphasis on the need for cost control.

Recruiters get reduced and more predictable costs with Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop and Private Cloud solutions offer the ability to reduce the costs of provisioning technology and obtain more predictable IT budgets. Hosted Desktop eliminates server and storage infrastructure from your offices and enables the entire system to be migrated to a secure cloud where all data and software would be maintained by a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Users get a seamless and improved experience. With their familiar, personalised Windows desktops and access to all the applications which they expect to see, Hosted Desktop provides virtually ‘instant-on’ computer access, enabling better productivity.

HTL's Serviced Cloud Hosted Desktop and Private Cloud solutions for recruitment

With Hosted Desktop and Private Cloud solutions, recruiters get access to the latest technology and cut costs at the same time.

HTL's Serviced Cloud Hosted Desktop and Private Cloud solutions:

  • Deliver all desktop computing requirements from our data centre infrastructure over your internet connection.
  • Are highly secure, both in physical security at the data centre and in IT security technology and practice, to protect data and safeguard privacy
  • Are classed as ‘High availability’ ensuring your systems are online and there when you need them 24/7
  • Fully integrate recruitment databases, including custom developed and those from third-party recruitment software vendors
  • May include backup and outstanding disaster recovery capability to ensure business continuity
  • Full support, maintenance and upgrades from our dedicated, expert technical team
  • Enable internal IT teams to become more proactive and strategic

Get an idea of what a Hosted Desktop solution delivered from our private cloud might cost you by putting your numbers into our calculator. Click here for more information.

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