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Hosted Desktop Solutions and Custom Database Integration

Hosted Desktop solutions and custom database integration

Hosted Desktop: Excellent benefits from the cloud

Hosted desktop solutions offer excellent benefits for finance sector firms. Low maintenance, high reliability, and exceptional security are three key advantages.

Hosted desktop lets firms eliminate costly PCs or laptops and replace them with ‘thin clients’. Thin clients are stripped down versions of computers which enable network-based computing, where the processing is executed on cloud-based systems.

To your staff, it looks and performs just like it always does, but the computing is carried out in one of our ISO27001 data centres. Thin clients offer lower cost, higher reliability and reduced maintenance. Centralised administrative control means much better security against email viruses and other security threats.

A hosted desktop solution provided by any competent service provider should deliver these benefits. So why is Serviced Cloud Hosted Desktop a superior solution for SME finance industry companies?

The difference of a Serviced Cloud Hosted Desktop solution from HTL

A Serviced Cloud Hosted Desktop includes services that integrate custom databases without any extra charges. Integration tends to be a time-consuming process, requiring the right skills and knowledge and needs to be tested.

Financial sector companies may have a number of custom databases. Migrating from desktop PCs and laptops means these databases need to be integrated correctly with the Hosted Desktop solution.

Many companies will have financial software such as Sage or QuickBooks. Alternative investment firms may have database integration requirements resulting from the use of a Portfolio Management System or other specialised software.

Find out more about Serviced Cloud Hosted Desktop database integration

Start finding out more about Hosted Desktop solutions for your business. Contact us today, tell us about the custom databases you use and we’ll tell you more about how our Hosted Desktop solutions let your business leverage the cloud.

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