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Firefighter or Strategist: What Is the IT Manager Role in Your Firm?

IT Manager from Firefighter to Strategist with Serviced Cloud solutions

What is the career ambition of an IT manager?

Unless they are a square peg in a round hole, which means they should get out of it and do something different, it’s a good bet IT managers have their career sights set on moving up in the world. For an IT professional this might ultimately mean the role of CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

But how do you get there? For a lot of IT managers, the day to day agenda is a mixture of scheduled projects and trouble shooting. However, it is a widely shared experience that projects get interrupted or delayed by the requirement to attend to urgent support issues. In such an environment, system development frequently has to move aside along with other essentials such as training and strategic planning.

Migrating the IT manager’s role from firefighter to strategist

One of the best ways for IT managers to migrate their core activity from one of firefighting to assuming a more ‘C’ level role is to leverage cloud computing. Cloud technologies delivered by a specialist partner deliver efficiency and squash the support and maintenance overhead associated with conventional LANs which utilise PCs and on premise servers and storage.

Cloud computing frees IT managers, enabling them to escape from being chained to the support desk and to make their job a more ambitious technology management role. Cloud computing lets IT managers be:

  • More strategic - Concentrate on research, planning and development matters to formulate the mid to long term technology plan for the firm
  • More customer facing - Deliver more value to the business by adopting a customer facing role where appropriate
  • More high level - Operate at a higher level and have time to acquire expert knowledge and skills essential to the success of the business

Throw off the support chains with HTL Support

HTL Serviced Cloud computing solutions let IT Managers throw off their support chains. We are experts in helping those with responsibility for IT and compliance in financial sector firms to do a better job. Start finding out how we help IT managers to be more strategic, customer facing and high level. Talk to HTL today.

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