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Concierge-class IT Service: Support the HTL Way

Concierge class IT Support the Serviced Cloud way

What is concierge-class IT service?

HTL Support offers concierge-class IT service and support. But what does that really mean?

Every business sector has its own characteristics. To successfully offer services to clients in a sector there is a need to understand the industry in order to meet the specific requirements of businesses operating in that sector. Our support philosophy is based on understanding the needs of our customers in the finance sector.

  • Concierge-class service – Lets you speak to a friendly UK-based support team that’s familiar with you, your systems and the service expectations of your firm
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year - We have a can-do attitude because in globalised markets finance never stops flowing 
  • 3rd party friendly - Collaborative and cooperative approach to working with suppliers of specialist financial Line-of-Business applications, such as trading or accounting systems

How is our engineering team organised?

Each customer is assigned a member of the engineering team. This is the customer’s first point of contact, your very own professional ‘Go to IT Guy’. If your engineer is out of comms or otherwise unavailable, our Canary Wharf based team means there is always cover to provide support.

Importantly the quality of support delivered by each engineer governs their earnings. Our customers complete a short service satisfaction questionnaire every 3 months and this helps to determine each engineer’s quarterly bonus under our performance related incentive scheme.

How does remote monitoring enable us to provide better service?

Remote endpoint monitoring lets us directly ‘listen’ to what your network, servers, and systems are ‘saying’. This lets us monitor their health securely over the internet. Using a powerful technology called Endpoint Monitoring and Management.

Our team is alerted to any imminent failure that is predicted. This allows us to respond proactively often before the failure happens, minimising and often eliminating any impact on your operations. Where failure has occurred suddenly we are alerted allowing us to accelerate our response and identify the root cause, rather than wait for a user to report a problem.

How do we manage our support workload?

To enable us to manage our service and support commitment we use an industry-leading support management tool. It’s cloud-based and our engineers are able to update it in real-time from any location including customer sites, so our support managers always know where we are in terms of delivering our support commitments against the SLAs in place for each customer. It doesn’t just track our support tickets; it provides all the analytics we need to identify trends and improve our support function.

HTL Support - concierge-class IT support fit for the financial sector

Start finding out more about what concierge-class IT support fit for the financial sector looks and feels like. Contact us today, tell us about your support requirements and we’ll tell you how we are able to meet them.

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