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Securing Data in the Age of BYOD with Policy

Bring your own device

Benefits of BYOD difficult to ignore

Traditionally, businesses discouraged and even prevented employee-owned devices being used in the workplace for accessing company data and services. This was especially true of larger businesses or those with compliance requirements to meet.

However, the benefits of employee-owned devices are difficult to ignore:

  • Save the company money – employees fund their own devices of choice
  • Boost productivity by allowing employees to use the best device for their needs

The fact is that BYOD devices are often simply better specified than those that many businesses would wish to deploy. Allowing employees to use their preferred gadget makes them feel good about themselves, helps prevents peer-related device snobbery or ‘bullying’ and avoids poor productivity being blamed on the low-level performance of company devices.

The importance of policy and Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Today the best strategy is to allow BYOD devices but with some strong caveats:

  • Create and implement a robust BYOD policy
  • Deploy Mobile Device Management (MDM) software

A policy lets an employer set the rules and allows the use of devices on the terms that suit the business, not employees. Essential policy areas that should be considered are:

  • Acceptable use
  • Permitted devices and technical support
  • Purchase and repair reimbursement
  • Security
  • Risks, liability and disclaimers

MDM software provides the capability for the business to implement policy. Chiefly, MDM manages the segregation of business data, and secures emails and company documents on devices. It often enforces mainstream company IT policies, integrating and managing all mobile devices including laptop, tablets and smartphones. MDM may be on-premise or cloud-based.

Help with BYOD from HTL Support

The cloud is a key enabler and driver of the proliferation of mobile and BYOD devices and we have extensive experience in defending businesses against the threats inherent in the use of personally owned devices to perform business activities. For help with any aspect of BYOD including policy or MDM software, just get in touch with our experts today.

Click here to download ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)’ policy guide from the Information Commissioner’s website.

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