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Hosted Desktop Calculator: See Just How Affordable It Is to Offload the Burden of Desktop Computing

Serviced Cloud Hosted Desktop calculator

More efficient IT and financing of business technology

Hosted desktop provides great benefits, allowing businesses to offload a number of burdensome issues. For small businesses without IT expertise in-house, it provides the essentials to keep your people productive and free from niggly IT issues that soak up time. For larger businesses with IT skills in-house, it lets the tech team concentrate on higher value strategic or customer facing tasks that are of significantly more value that administrative management and support of desktop computers.

Desktop computing with PCs and laptops is financially inefficient, with investment in hardware and software steadily depreciating to zero. Hosted desktop requires a nominal investment for each desktop computing device; however, it moves the cost for desktop computing services – the bulk of the total cost - from CAPEX to OPEX, by providing a fixed monthly cost for software, administrative management and support.

Choose a pre-configured package or use the calculator

We’ve pre-configured three packages that we have found to meet the needs of many of our service sector clients in industries such as finance, recruitment, travel, legal and software. However, we’re also aware that the precise needs of different business are unlikely to be identical. To ensure that each client has an opportunity to get the hosted desktop solution that is most appropriate for its needs, we’ve designed a user-friendly Hosted Desktop Package calculator.

The calculator lets you input your precise requirements for your business, allowing customisation of elements such as:

  • Number of users
  • Data storage requirements
  • Type of hosted desktop technology
  • Email and desktop productivity applications package
  • Email security, anti-virus and network security login
  • Offline features for when users are not on the network
  • Telephone system options

The calculator also lets those knowledgeable in IT to juggle the variables of a Hosted Desktop Package to see how different options impact the cost.

Calculate the cost of Hosted Desktop now with HTL Support

HTL Support clients include finance, recruitment, travel, legal and software firms, each with differing computing needs. One thing that unites them is the requirement for high-quality IT solutions backed by the outstanding levels of service and support today’s service sector businesses need to compete effectively in today’s marketplaces.

Click here to access the calculator to tailor a package for your business. For help or to discuss any aspect of our packages, simply get in touch and one of the team will be pleased to help.

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