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Free Migration to Hosted Desktop Services with HTL Support

Free Cloud Migration with Serviced Cloud

New on-premise server and storage infrastructure data transfer

Typically, when a service provider carries out an on-premise upgrade to replace server or storage hardware, it often quotes for carrying out installation work. Some of this may include charges for data transfer from legacy devices over to new storage. This may accrue significant costs, especially where the charge is based on the volume of data that needs to be transferred.

In an ideal world, all company data should be held in a definitive centralised repository. This could be in the form of database driven applications that provide access to the data for specific business purposes such as CRM or ERP and so on. This effectively minimises data volumes while eliminating duplication and legacy data issues.

Personal filing systems and the legacy data trap

However, despite the widespread use of database driven systems, some businesses are caught in a data trap. Productivity file types like email, word processing, spreadsheet or presentation files stored on on-premise file servers are often held in ‘personal’ filing systems by some employees.

This has been one of the drivers of the exponential growth of digital information. Personal filing systems may also contain personal data mixed in with out-dated low value business information as well as valuable, current business information.

Of course, businesses need to take control of this; unfortunately, time and core business priorities simply prevent some from making progress. When it’s time to upgrade servers and storage there is simply no option but to transfer the mass of poorly structured data over to the new systems, lock, stock and barrel. In such cases data transfer may cost thousands of pounds.

Hosted Desktop computing: It’s a logic thing…

Many businesses are embracing the logic of a Hosted Desktop solution which replaces on-premise servers and puts all your data along with business productivity and communication applications in the cloud on servers in our data centres.

On the desktop, expensive conventional PCs are replaced by thin or zero client computing devices, providing employees with greater reliability and flexibility while at the same time easing the IT headaches of support, security and management.

Hosted Desktop data transfer for FREE with HTL Support

HTL Support transfers all data held by on-premise servers and storage over to our cloud platforms free of charge for our new hosted desktop clients. With a hosted desktop solution from HTL Support you simply build your package, or choose one of ours. Our simple monthly, per user pricing and no setup or migration fee promise means you avoid costly data transfer fees, for which other providers may charge £thousands.

Click here to see ‘Get the benefits of Hosted Desktop in 1 week with HTL Support’ which explains the migration process.

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