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HTL's Successful Visit To The Business Show This November

HTL's successful visit to the Business Show this November

HTL Support is always working towards improving the service offered to clients. Whether it's through our specialist IT knowledge or just the way in which we interact with customers, there are always lessons to be learned. One of the best ways we find to hone our skills is to get out there and meet clients face to face.

One such opportunity to do that very thing, which we like to make the most of whenever possible, is to visit industry shows. This is exactly what we did on the 16th and 17th of May this year when we visited the Business Show!

Continued success

HTL in The Business Show UK

It's always a joy to see a show well attended, and we're happy to say that the Business Show saw many visitors from a number of different fields. Though there are industry-specific factors that must be taken into account when deploying IT services, broadly speaking everyone is looking for a quality, affordable service.

At the show, we were able to talk face to face with clients about what they're looking for from hosted desktop/cloud solutions, among many things. IT is our business, so communicating virtually is nothing we're not used to, but the face to face element is something that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Talking to our prospective clients this way allows us to continually hone our service in a holistic way - everything gets improved. We're proud of the specialist knowledge and understanding that we're able to bring to any client in any field, but there are always lessons to be learned.

Implementation improvement

HTL in The Business Show UK

We spoke with many businesses over our two days at the Business Show, all of whom were looking to learn more about what hosted desktop and cloud solutions can offer them. We were, as we always are, more than happy to discuss that as we feel it's something all businesses can benefit from.

Visiting us at a show like this allows clients to see the human side of our service. With hosted IT services it's so easy to forget the humanity behind the screen. Ultimately, however, people like to do business with other people - this is as true for us as it is for everyone!

It allows us to provide IT support London businesses can continue to rely on. We learn and we develop, and we consistently improve the efficiency of our service - all with direct input from those who actually benefit from it. This isn't just a plus point for those customers, it benefits you as well.

The lessons we learn about efficient hosted desktop/cloud solutions from our clients, the better we'll be able to implement them for you, going forward. Every single day is a new learning opportunity - for us, for our clients, and for you too.

What we learned at the Business Show this May has gone on to further inform the IT support services we provide our clients. We're already proud of the level of service we provide, but with consistent interaction from those who matter, our clients, it continues to excel.

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