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Proactive Warning Service: The Best of Health for Servers and Workstations!

Proactive Warning Service for Servers and Workstations

IT security and systems availability

IT security is one of the biggest concerns of our time. It might be identity theft from individuals or the hacking of business and corporate networks on an industrial scale by unscrupulous nation states trying to obtain commercial IP or military secrets. Whatever the threat, securing networks against attack is high priority for IT teams.

Besides viruses, malware and hacking, if we look at other factors that impact operational availability of business dependent IT systems, then there are a range of issues which need to be addressed.

Server status and Windows Services, disk space and database sizes are all factors that could  influence a business-critical failure. Storage and back up, the availability of network devices, satellite offices and websites are all hugely relevant.

Proactive Warning Service

HTL Support Proactive Warning Service (PWS) monitors and alerts changes in these key areas. This allows our team to predict and rectify many issues before they become business-critical.

PWS monitors: 

Hacking Attempts i.e. the number of failed logon attempts to servers or workstations

  • Anti-Virus health including checking for the latest virus definitions files
  • Status of Servers and Windows Services
  • Amount of Free Disk space to prevent servers crashing due to lack of free space
  • Database sizes because oversize databases such as Microsoft Exchange crash servers
  • RAID device health to ensure any first failed disks are swapped quickly
  • Backup success to ensure latest information is there to support file or disaster recovery
  • Condition of network devices, remote offices and websites

Healthier IT systems and better availability with HTL

HTL deploys PWS to enable our clients to have healthier IT systems, helping them get the best value from technology investment. In conjunction with our other services, PWS is part of a holistic solution to ensuring IT systems remain available 24/7/365 by minimising the potential for failure.

To find out more about taking a proactive approach to preventing IT system failure simply get in touch today.

You can click here to see more including a sample report and up-to-date pricing.

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