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Leveraging the Cloud for Better Voice Communications with Hosted VoIP Telephony

Hosted VOIP solutions with Serviced Cloud

Voice and data convergence for higher quality communications

Voice and data convergence has been an enabler of more convenient and higher quality networked digital communications. This has simplified and increased the efficiency of network infrastructure by allowing voice and data to be carried within the same copper and fibre cables.

The most obvious example of this is the way consumer broadband routers plug into the home phone socket.

Get the benefits of VoIP

The cloud has revolutionised the way that businesses provision technology, often eliminating the need to purchase. The latest cloud enabled VoIP telephony solutions leverage the cloud to deliver outstanding benefits to SME sized businesses. Whether you’re a hedge fund with a team of 5 or a PE investment business with 50 staff, the benefits of a high quality hosted VoIP telephony solution include:

  • Working from anywhere on a suitable internet connected device
  • Reduced call charges
  • Minimising or eliminating CAPEX
  • Shifting expenditure to operational cost centres
  • Invoicing on a monthly basis

Consolidate cloud and hosted VoIP solutions with HTL

HTL's Serviced Cloud hosted VoIP solutions mean companies in the finance sector can source cloud and voice call solutions from a single supplier that truly understands their needs. These often share connections to the internet and sourcing from different providers can lead to suppliers blaming each other for service outages.

Consolidating supply by sourcing both from Serviced Cloud means seamless service and support. When risk is part of your core business you don’t want it compounded by risk in non-core areas such as technology. Contact us today to see how we can release the benefits of VoIP and our cloud data solutions for your business.

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